Drugs Test?

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by Dinnerz94, Jul 6, 2011.

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  1. So i have my date for ADSC (July 27th/8th) joining as a junior.
    I have NEVER taken nor do i intend to take any kind of illegal drug

    However, i recently went to a party, celebrating leaving school and as it happens one of my "friends" (i use that loosely) was boasting about smoking weed. Whether or not he was - since he is a massive bullsihtter - my question is, the drugs test that everyone is subjected to how sensitive is it? And can it tell the difference between actually taking the drugs, and in this scenario passive smoking from some prick.

  2. You'll be fine.
  3. Cheers (Y)
  4. The army went through a period of making "adverts" about the cdt, one was that to fail for passive smoking you'd need to spend like 24 hrs in a sealed phone box with 10 people chain smoking.

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  5. The test is sensitive but the level of drug ingested by passive smoking is very low and even if standing next to a user at a party did register it would be in the sub cut off range with no action taken apart from a warning.

    The guys are right don't worry, you'll be fine.
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  6. You'll be fine, but avoid said bullshitter next time :)
  7. Make sure you study hard for your drugs test !

    Seriously,the urine test at ADSC is for medical reasons only

    Google "URISTIX" or "MULTISTIX" if you want to know more.
  8. The army uses special ones that go red if you masturbate.
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  9. Biggles4221, You must be a REMF is all I can say. I wouldnt much fancy a drugged up off his head cocain addict in my section during a firefight!

    Are you for real?
  10. I agree. To that end could you please put about an ounce of heroin in your body as soon as possible.
  11. I apologise for the above comments and have removed them. I belive some unsociable fuckwit has hacked my account. If you notice l haven't been on this site for a wee while. And you are right Johny l ******* wouldn't one in my section either.
  12. Second what's been said above, the bar for a positive result is set so high that you will not get one from passive smoking. One thing to mention though is that should you ever attend a party with this bellend again once you are in the forces and someone hands you a dodgy rollup or a brownie a) don't accept it (obviously) or b) if you have accidentally ingested any drugs like this fess up to your boss ASAP. It doesn't improve your credibility if you wait to get CDT'd and then trot out the excuse.

    As an aside I once had one lad who claimed he's been taking Hemp Oil as a dietary supplement as an explanation for a positive Cannabis CDT. Having asked the boys in white coats for their opinion they said that it was theoretically possible but he'd had to have drunk upwards of a gallon a day to achieve the readings that he did!
  13. Get a second sub cut-off though and Mr 130A will take an interest.
  14. yeah dont worry pal, aslong as your sure you havent taken anything you will pass with flying colourss
  15. Hey Mucker,

    I guess you can put this down to a lesson learnt, when you join the Army you will be with others who reject that kind of lifestyle (99.9% anyway). Those that don't are soon caught and kicked out!

    In the finest traditions of the British Army, Concentrate on drinking, and shagging pig ugly women!
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