Drugs should be legalised once and for all ..

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Henno G, Sep 25, 2011.

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  1. 1 - the price is regulated

    2 - the gangs are out of business

    3 - there is money to be made

    4 - we always see the same argument by all parties stating lack of money for various projects etc [ it gets effing boring and predictable ]

    5 - it's a person basic human right to make his or her choice for smoking and drinking same should apply for drugs

    6 - it would free up Police time to work on un solved cases and more serious crimes and more police presence on the streets and save money on pointless court cases / lawyers fee's with the result being non effective

    7 - we only live once on that planet gotta make the most of it no matter

    8 - Crime does pay .. so why not cash in on it legally lol
  2. Yeah, and rape should be decriminalised and the age of consent should be reduced to 14.

    And women and poor people should lose the vote.
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  3. how would the gangs be out of business?

    regulating beer and fags hasn't removed bootlegging from those drugs.
  4. Yes

    That is all
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  5. Not a bad idea... it would certainly sort out the unsolved crime stats as Henno would like.
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  6. Fuckwit. So, which of our recent plague of trolls did you used to be?

    Is there an election campaign fund I can contribute to...?
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  7. No, but I may need the occasional aliby when I 'press the flesh, door to door'... :-D
  8. Yes it should, all politicians know this but will never vote for it, so move along sonny.