Drugs in the woodshed

"Hello, is this the police?"
"Yes, what can I do for you sir?"
"I'm phoning to report a neighbour of mine, Seamus Brennan.
He's hiding drugs in his woodshed. He hides it in the logs...
I Don't quite know how he gets the drugs into the logs, but he does."
That same evening the local police descended on the Brennan house and searched the woodshed from top to bottom. Axes were sent for and every single log was split apart several times, but not single thing was found.
The police officers all sneered at Brennan as they left his premises and piled into their vehicles.
A few minutes after the last police car had gone, the phone rang,......"Hey, Seamus! ...This is Paddy...Did the Police come round?"
"Yeah, they did." said Seamus.
"And did they cut up your logs?"
"Yep, they did too."
"Merry Christmas Seamus, Merry Christmas !!!"

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