Drugs in the Army...Opinions please

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Randy_McNob, Dec 14, 2008.

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  1. Read an interesting article in the paper about Squaddies being thrown out of the Army for taking drugs, now the opinion is that they may have been a little hasty in booting them out given our fast dwindling troop numbers.

    Should being caught in possession or using any drug automatically mean a 'Mag to Grid'???

    Part of me says yes.

    I wouldnt want to be in Afghanistan or Iraq or anywhere else with someone who is coked out of his brains.

    But if someone is caught with, lets say a joint of Cannabis, should they be thrown out as well???

    And if you think yes, then what about alcohol in the Army? should anyone turning up p i s s e d for duty be slung out too??

  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Link to article?
  3. People who smoke weed should get a slap on the wrist...But if they are smoking while on camp/on duty they should be punished.
    The people who take the harder drugs should be punished, but they should also recieve help if they are descent people and good at their job.
    The people who are complete wasters should be booted out...
  4. Read it in the paper, not sure which one it was now. I didnt pay much attention, it was one that I found on the bus.

    Interesting though.
  5. It has been discussed to death on these pages, do a search.

    The vast majority think the zero tolerance policy is the right one, there are a minority who think that a joint here or there is ok.

    I'm with the majority.
  6. Re "Cannabis OK" attitude. It was accounts and film from US Army in Vietnam of troops high on cannabis that led to a drug awareness programme in BAOR 1969'ish. This - naturally - highlighted that there were many BOR with week-end taster habit and set off calls for mandatory testing. Certainly, the US stuff was agit-prop arising from ignorance by their higher command but do not forget it was also about this time the LSD "I can fly off high buildings" panic took root. Additionally, I do not see how our armed forces can say cannabis is no crime all the while it is classified as a drug for civilians.
  7. Remember the training vid about LSD with some RAF Air technician working on a plane when suddenly he gets a flashback???

    Those old training videos were hilarious.

    I seem to remember a young looking David Jason in one for something as well
  8. Use drugs - Bye Bye.

    The current policies stop the good career soldiers from doing something stupid on the weekends. Or atleast reduce the amount that do.

    As for being drunk on duty. Depending on what that duty is you should also be looking at severe punishment. Any kind of duty involving being armed with live ammunition should be instant jail followed by, Bye bye!
  9. People who deliberately do anything that is contrary to the very particular standards of the British Army (the best army in the World, lest anyone should forget) and in the knowledge that that particular activity results in having their employment terminated are both stupid and do not deserve to wear the same uniform as I proudly do.
  10. Zero tolerance to drugs means just that.
  11. So you have a first class Soldier.

    Never been in any sort of trouble.

    Best bloke in the Platoon/Batallion/Company/whatever.

    Goes out one weekend, makes a first silly mistake by smoking something he shouldn't, gets caught, he should be thrown out??

    How about blokes that habitually get p i s s e d every weekend and turn up for guard duty stinking of drink?
  12. AS ABOVE
  13. Q1: Yes, and good ridance to the idiot. I am glad that his exit is eased by clear policy.

    Q2: Yes, this case is complicated by the absense of specific policy. However, stick him on a FW and hoof him out too when he does not reform.
  14. Drugs are illegal, alcohol is not. Unless that ever changes then you cannot compare them in this particular argument. On a personal note I have known 2 alcoholics who were binned due to their alcoholism.

    edit: As for first silly mistake. The person would know that drugs are illegal and using them can cost their job so yes kick them out.
  15. I agree with you.