Drugs haul in NI - from Afghanistan?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Punch, Jul 12, 2009.

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  1. PSNI in Londonderry have intercepted a car containing 1.5 Million sterling (street value) of drugs, mainly opium, despite what seemes to have been a deliberate attempt to cause a diversion by using a bomb hoax.

    Three people, one from Londonderry and two from Dublin, are in custody.

    Perhaps this is one reason why we are in Afghanistan?
  2. Opium from Afghanistan is a major source of funding for the Taliban. Considerable efforts are made to interdict this (and arms, people, etc) at sea - as discussed on this ARRSE thread.

    There was a siezure of drugs by the RN only this week - see RN website news story.
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I am wondering, what with the decidedly skillful tactics of the Talibs, whether PIRA or other ilk have got some form of reciprocal agreement going.

    All I hear about is 'dickers', 'come on's' and rapidly advancing tactics of the Taliban, and it's all been happening in the last year.

    They aren't beyond helping people like the FARC et al.

  4. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    And what a good reason it is too!

    PS When do we invade Columbia?
  5. as soon as the Queen Elizabeth completes her shake-down...

  6. Why 'opium' not Herion? Or just bad reporting?
  7. I'm only a layman, but I can't really see the Taliban and dissident Republicans/IRA being in cahoots (at least no more than an economic/supply-and-demand relationship that anyone that produces drugs must have with anyone who peddles them) - those two religions would not sit easily together.

    There again, Islam was against drugs and the old school Taliban banned it; until the time they were kicked out of Kabul and it became a major and vital source of funding for them. Ideological justification (according to Patrick Bishop) was that the overwhelming majority of junkies heroin harms are Western and not Afghan/Islamic, so it's allowable from their point of view. So, perhaps if hard enough pressed and definitely in need of the knowledge, the law of 'my enemies' enemy is my friend' could indeed kick in...

    As to whether war in Afg is a war on drugs, we could surely circumvent the drug problem far easier than by making war in Afg - and doing so would actually help us in Afg. Buy the opium from the producers, cuts the Taliban out of their revenue, cuts a major source of supply to drugdealers in UK and elsewhere, and gives us a nice source of raw material for medicinal opiates like morphine too. However, is it politically acceptable?
  8. Now, now.

    MI6 have thier fingers all over this.

    Assuming the wife of the headshed doesn't post any more info of hubbies interests.

    And not forgetting that the axis of evil still have training camps all signposted from NI

    But it must all be a coincidence, I could never imagine the IRA et al helping the muslim world to kill British soldiers/people!

  9. I've always wondered why we don't just subsidise some drugs companies to purchase a % of their opium from afghanistan to make opiate drugs, and cut the taliban out the loop.
  10. Aye, cut the Taliban out, and cut the supply to dealers the world over. Could have knock-on effects ref the drug problem in the UK as well as making the Talibs a lot worse off.

    I suppose quite a bit depends on the economics of getting your opium from Afghan, but as you said, a sweetener in the form of subsidies to pharmaceutical companies could cause them to adopt it. That, or the fact that it is likely to be cheap as anything in terms of the cost of the raw material. It is also likely to be easier and cheaper this way than it is to let the neo-Taliban benefit from it and then have to pay (in lives and cash) to defeat them when they're flush.

    The only drama I can see is dependability - what if the farmers and the 'Taliban' are one and the same in some cases - what if the Taliban can put pressure on farmers when ISAF troops cannot hold ground permanently and have to go back to their FOBs - what if the supply is interrupted by enemy action - it would be risky for a drugs company to rely on Afghan poppies too much.

    But, for all those potential problems, I think we should give it a shot. It would starve the Taliban of funds and improve the livelihoods of the locals in one go. Even if only a proportion gets used in the drugs industry and the majority is wasted, it could be worthwhile just for its effect on the en. No doubt the media would have a 'Your Taxes Go To Pay Afghans To Grow Heroin' aneurysm over it and it could be deeply unpopular with a lot of people, but there we go.
  11. Most medical grade opium is grown in IIRC Tazmania under AUS liecence, and I'll bet the pharmicutical industry pays more than the average smak head?
  12. 1. Locate fields
    2. Napalm fields
    3. Kill farmers
    4. Rape daughters.

    The first 3 were in common practice in Belize in 1982
  13. They sleep in a pigsty if it became "justified". Drugs, suicide and killing of guests/innocents... all banned by the Koran...
  14. Intervention by buying up and turning into legit drugs would have limited success. Terry would simply outbid us or more probably terrorise the producers to sell to them. Farmer claims force majeure when we go for the crop.