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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by RockArdWarrior, Nov 26, 2010.

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  1. Ok im not proud of this but last weekend I took some mcat at a house party. mcat is basically like speed if you dont know and is a class b ilegal drug. I was stupid and dont usually go near drugs but i was drunk and allowed myself to join in with everyone else who was doing it.

    Thing is i've got my medical next week and im now worried it will show up on drugs test. Should I come clean now and tell my recruituiting officer what ive done or shall i just go along and hope its out my system by then.

    I know its wrong but it was a mistake and i don't wanna mess up my chance of joining.
  2. Thats a tough one mate.
    Not sure anyones gonna be able to give you any advice on this one. Army having a Zero Tolerence on drugs etc.
    They understand if you've touched it and its been a year or more or a good while at least. But with this been so close and if they find out they might show you the door....:-|.

    First thing you'll get is a drugs test, a guy I went to ADSC with failed it and got sent packing.

  3. well you are in a crap situation, and kieran is right!Hard to answer to this one ,however you have to be aware that, if you don't mention nothing and they find about it it might be the end ,however if you don't say nothing you will lie, and then break the "be honest rule " some people may say " don't mention it " but what will that make you ?All I know is that my father always said to me that " lies have short legs" Not saying nothing still class as a lie ,but honestly I could not tell you what to do, and I really feel sorry for you mate !I wonder what happens to people in the Army after joining ,if they ever get caught that they took drugs?I know is zero tolerance but if you know the answer then it might help you to find an answer to your question! However we all do mistakes in life ,and if you are honest about it, and that was first time, and you will never get close to that again, you might get lucky mate , because in either case you will need luck .So I hope that you will be OK and you wont have any problems !All the best mate!
  4. Don't waste your time going, that drug can be detected in your urine 5 to 7 days after you take it. Just ring up and say you can't make it because of an injury or something. If you come clean they will just tell you to do one, and stop wasting their time.
  5. You'll be fine, just crack on. Don't ******* snitch yourself in whatever. Worst case scenario if you are unsure bin off the medical as described, rearrange and don't be a silly boy again

    TBH I doubt it would register on a drugs test, and as a stimulant its probably out of your body now.

    Don't listen to renovatiouk he's talking dog shit and appears to be about fourteen years old

    Enjoy your long and succesful career
  6. If it helps I swore my oath after a night huffing deodorant through an arctic sock. Was wasted when I got to the careers office but a quick swill of water and a naafi biscuit and I was right as rain.

    The best years of your life will be swallowed up by the military, spend the remaining weekends off your nut on cheap chonga and swallowing cheap pills like m and m's.
  7. Sage advice.
  8. You dont get tested for any sort of drug dont listen to people that tell you they do... you only get tested when your in the army an you come back from the long weekend and get tested at random after that.. It is illegal to test some1 for drugs without telling them... It cost money for them to test every1 who wants to join up and probably wont even get in2 the army. But do yourself a favour and quit these drugs if your serious about joining the army. At ADSC the doctor asked me if i hav taken any sort of drugs in the last 2months n i sed yes (cannabis) and he just asked if i understand the armys zero tolerance on drugs and I said yes and that was it... But mate if you think that once you get in (considerin you do) that you wont get discharged cause I guarantee you will mate.. Good luck
  9. RockArdWarrior? Just for that user name I should tell you that all is lost and to drive your Saxo into a wall at 90mph.

    However I'm feeling charitable so will tell you this. JammyDodger22 is an illiterate bottom burp who while typing on the internet manages to still sound like a twelve year old with a head injury. His prose reminds me of an abused former crack baby trying to escape the horror of his care home by emulating Dappy from N-dubs.

    You were warned.
  10. alrite fella i was in a similar position to you. i rarely drink ( twice in the past 6 months) i ended up going out the sat before selection to celebrate a friends birthday. long story short im well known in my town having worked all of the doors for the past 4 years and i got my drink spiked. having seen alot of fakers and a few genuine i can tell anybody that it was the single most scary experience of my life. i personally cant understand why people would want to take something that does that to them. anyway i was taken to a and e i was discharged 3 hours later. after doing what can only be described by my friends, former colleauges and the policeman that i grabbed and started shaking whilst shouting "i wanna be a policeman!" at (how he didnt gas me i will never know!) i was then in an agonising dilema as to what to do with regards to selection. ive never taken drugs and i was applying for RMP. i had no solid proof that i was spiked and only my hospital notes from two paramedis two nurses and a docter that i knew that said my behaviour was out of character and my actions were inline with someone that had been spiked. i had alot of good advice from people in the know and one of the options that came up was to cancel my selection. in the end i decided to go ahead as 5 days had passed and i had the knowledge if not proof that i didnt willingly take any drugs. it was a very tense and stressful 5 days for me and my advice for you would be to cancel your selection say that you have a cold and dont go anywhere near that shit ever again. good luck fella and i wish you all the best providing you dont take anything again, if you do then your a dick and deserve to be found out-rant over time to watch a film :)
  11. Didn't know there was a drugs test at selection? We just got told to piss in a cup and one of the nurses dipped a stick or something in it.
  12. It is a test for glucose/protein/blood and other things that should not be present in normal urine.It is not a test for illegal drugs.That purpose is served by the large and painful rectal probe that you get at the beginning of your examination