Drugs advice to students - Outrage anyone?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spunkymonkey, Feb 23, 2008.

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  1. Just been at NEWI in Wrexham (part of the University of Wales) for the afternoon. In one of the corridors they had the usual sort of displays of useful info and leaflets for students including "Drug awareness" stuff.

    Now, most people would probably agree that dispelling the myths and "street" knowledge about these substances is good. If the facts don't put people off using them then probably nothing will and Darwin should be allowed to take effect.

    But, centrepiece of the display was the poster below. Not a good photo but shows the idea. It's a diagram of "popular" injection sites, druggies for the use of. Included are useful notes like "Inside of elbow: popular for new users because it's an easy vein to find. Use an orange needle if injecting here". I kid you not - this "awareness" poster goes as far as suggesting which needle to use in which vein!

    As far as I could see there was no mention of the fact that drugs are illegal and no mention of the dangers - except in the context of if you inject badly. But you now have a guide on how to avoid that, so that's ok.

    There was another poster beside it which concentrated completely on the message that "when" you use E's make sure you drink lots so you don't dehydrate.


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  2. It's been a long day; I'm too tired to be Outraged. Maybe tomorrow...
  3. Not surprising these days considering new liarbour obsession with 'empowering' young people with all the drug info they can. BUT why would any smack head need a poster like this???? By the time the horrible little junky has garduated to injecting he will have been shown all he needs to know by the other smack rats!!! :roll:

    My bold---The info about E's is a load of bollocks, a lot of deaths cause by taking E's are when people 'overload' on water, their body overheats and they start gulping down literally gallons of water, so poisoning themselves...oh dear how sad...never mind... :roll:

  4. Or to put it another way: Darwinism In Action! :twisted:
  5. Mostly it's there because there's enough don't take posters out there. People will still take drugs so it's better that they know how to take them in a safer way. Screw it up and they may loose a leg, and amputation and rehab is more expensive than just rehab. Some pharmacies these days stock what are kits for drug users which contain clean items for them to shoot up with. Again it's cheaper for this than to have someone who needs HIV treatment for the rest of their lives, the kits and colour coded for the drug it's used with and what's in it. On placement work at a pharmacy I know the pharmacists aren't happy that they've got to supply this kit, but they know it's better than the alternative until compulsary rehab comes in.
  6. Leah Betts (IIRC) died more of a water overdose than the E.

    When you take an E it screws (amongst other things) the brains ability to balance salts and other fluids and bits in your body. When a person then flushes 20 litres of water in to their system to avoid dehydration, the body can't keep the levels of salts and other vital minerals at the correct levels. What happens is a form of heat stroke, where there is too much water in the body and not enough electrolyte.

    Then they die.

    Posters like this need taking down. Posters telling of the pitfalls to drugs are sufficient. If they are stupid enough to take drugs, then they can figure out for themselves how to do it.
  7. One assumes that Uni Students will produce the future Generation of UK Leaders.
    Pity that the message is not got across more strongly.
    To me it has always seemed that it's sort of Fashionable in Higher Education circles to to smoke a joint and then knowingly get into stronger and more exotic substances.
    And when such folks reach the top, their is this strange reticence to be Hard on users of what is a very dangerous habit, that has dragged so many to the gutter of life.
  8. FFS, try talking about something you mildy know about instead of spouting b0llocks. The 'JUST SAY NO' campaign was binned in the late eighties as an unmitigated disaster as it gave kids a bit of curiosity.. I cant think of any new anti drug campaign that advocates..hey dont do it...instead they try and educate a bit...because at the end of the day if someone wants to try drugs they will...
    As for the needle exchange programme well that makes sense doesn't it, rather than the road the jocks went down in the late 80's were it was the attitude of 'smack heads..fook em' no needle exchange, hence massive aids explosion.

    as for screwing up an injection, perleeese, any injecting smack rat will know exactly how to inject and were, most females use the vagina or eyeballs, yes really, so as not to leave 'track' marks. Most smack scum lose limbs etc through years of injecting and infections caused by adulterated product, eg heroin 'bashed' up with brick dust etc..its the mixing agents that cause the problems..So a short spell in a pharmacy does not mean you know it all.... :p
  9. Tough of crime, tough on the causes of crime, or so someone once said!

    I believe that it is well documented that Drugs not only kills, both the user and those who are mugged for their next fix.

    However, it is not just the Scum Class who abuse!

    Personally I would get the drugs coming into the UK and FILL it full of Rat Poison and cleaning agents and out it back on the street.
    No drugs users, no pushers, cleaner streets and better for the whole of society.

    What happened to Newcastle Brown at Uni?
  10. Don't jock units have these posters in each block?
  11. Some fell on Stoney Ground"
  12. And why, exactly, was that a bad thing? Wether junkies OD or die of AIDS, it's still a case of good riddance to bad rubbish.

    Personally, I blame the police; instead of taking drugs of the street, they should cut the stuff with a fast-acting poisen, then offer it at a knock-down price to the junkies! :twisted:
  13. Personally,I would legalize all drugs,and make them available,uncut ,over the counter at government run shops,vastly undercutting street prices. This would pretty much stop drug related crime overnight,as the smack head scum wouldnt have to steal your car,DVD, camera or jam-jar full of change(bastards) .
    If they sold it as pure as poss it would rid us of the scum,lots of ODed junkies littering the streets,maybe a special dustcart could be provided.
  14. The Monty Python sketch "Bring out your dead"! .. :wink:
  15. No mate, no budget for it :wink: