Druggies To recieve Grants

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 36thulster, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. Glanced at SkyNews other day and i seen some Govt Minister,(female type) saying they were introducing grants or allowances to drug addicts.
    Only part i caught was that this was to improve there quality of life :? ?
    Does anyone have more details on this? surely im missing something here.
    You pay taxes to allow some gluebag more glue? Perhaps they will go to Marks n Sparks and buy some nice scoff? Maybe they will join the local gym?
    Call me heartless if you must but thank feck im out of there and not helping to make there lives a little bit better :x
  2. I hope (although I may be being naive) that what you heard was part of a proposal to grant more money to treatment programmes etc. Hard to see the rationale for straightforwardly giving money to addicts.
  3. Should make for a good British win in next years Tour de Farce!
  4. Seen as a large majority of those MP's from NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME have or are using these substances, their in a win/win situation. Blimely, they're getting paid for almost everything these MPs.

    There is also this point:

    lf the average Joe Bloggs visited the USA, was asked to fill in the required paperwork, asked about the small quantity of substance in their pocket, or criminal record that they have received due to their usage of this substance. They would by the USA law be turned straight-back-round and returned to their country.

    So, what happens now - that NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME's, cabinet is half-full (depending which way look at it or how much of that substance, you've actually had!) of smack-heads, dope-dealers, druggies (delete where applicable).

    Why, then, are these scum of NEW LABOUR - NO SHAME allowed in the USA - when it has been personally acknowledged by themselves about their DRUG USAGE? This SMACKS of hypocrisy!