Druggie soldier

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Conrad_Cock, Sep 5, 2006.

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  1. After reading his/her drivel what do you think
  2. Tw@t (all other words fail me) MODs bin him!!!
  3. Well, he's no journo. They know how to spell (after a fashion) and turn off their Caps Lock.

    The rest - yep!
  4. If he didn't get any response he wouldn't keep up his diatribe.
  5. Is he the same guy who is being Onionbhargy and stickyfingers? I assume they're the same tool.
  6. I agree but so difficult to not to sometimes :twisted:
  7. Was he the fool who started a pathetic anti paki/black thread earlier this week.
  8. He should be terminated with extreme prejudice by claw hammer. Soon :lol:

  9. Yes, and the child molestation and rape claims
  10. Then I'm surprised he's been allowed to remain on ARRSE. His days are numbered, don't worry.
  11. Fcuk my luck the halfwit is back under yet another guise.

    Not to worry though, the longer "it" is online and using the same PC the better the plod will be at tracing him for spouting racial abuse and false/liable claims about other ARRSE users.

    I hope he gets banged up, stupid little mong that he is.
  12. I presume he's in a roomful of friends. In other words a pi$$ed stained matress bedsit somewhere up north.
  13. I note that some posts mention Police action. There does seem to be a bit of a problem here, in that accusations are made against a fictitious "username" not an actual person.

    I have not used many other internet forums, but observed, on others, that moderators were MUCH quicker at deleting unwanted posts.

    I also see a problem in that the "unwanted poster" could be seen to be imitating posts by regular users on, for example "mong threads", where these "offensive?" remarks are tolerated and often applauded.

    ....... here endeth my fivepen'rth.
  14. Hardly jokes cretins spouting this sort of rubbish gives ammunition to the gutter press to use, so try to grow up and when you do you can join the big people.
  15. Don't quote me on this, but I thought that if people actually know who the person behind the victim's username is then the person saying these comments would be guilty of defamation as people that know the accused user may be caused to take a different view of the victim after reading the accusations.