Drug user, Alcohol abuser - Which one?

I'm sure many of us, if not most have turned up for work "a little worse for wear" on the odd occasion.

An LE Officer I once knew stated that he would rather have someone working for him that smoke a bit of weed or did a line or two at the weekends than someone who was p1ssed or half-cut.
At the time i was always of the opinion the alcohol was legal and fair game, but drugs a big no no, but this became thought provoking.

So would you rather serve with, be in command of or commanded by someone who likes a bit of weed or someone who rolls into work half-cut from the night before unable to do anything competantly or safely?
Depends really on what work is...the druggie is exposing himself to security issues. You might add a promiscuous user of prostitutes or other men's wives to the higher risk list. Also the drugs users are more likely to develop schizoid and paranoid conditions - which with weapons and bricks lying around is not always good.

The drinker will of course also offer concerns, like inferior capability to deal with sudden stresses, poorer physical health and a general degradation of fitness. At least he will be subdued on Monday and wont come in whistling!
They both are bad for you and soldiers on a comedown or a hangover will both not be functioning 100%. I don't think the answer is so clear cut as alcohol is alcohol whereas there's many different types of drugs which give varying degrees of side effects. You've also got to consider quantities. Someone who smokes a few joints at the weekend will be more functional then his counterpart who drinks himself to oblivion every night, though on the other foot, the bloke who's taking ecstasy 3-4 times a week will be much more unreliable then a bloke who gets drunk at the weekend. I've known 2 blokes who were kicked out for drugs who were excellent soldiers and very reliable on operations. I don't buy the security risk as dealers are just chavs, not Islamic fundamentalists. I think drug taking AND alcoholism in the forces should be punishable, though kicking them out isn't the answer in my eyes.
The druggie would be shown the door to civvy strasse and the alcoholic would be unfit and on a fizzer.
I don't know about that jonny. I know a few blokes that i would class as alcoholics and they're as fit as a butchers dog! I think pie eaters suffer more on fitness. I read an article in Soldier Mag about druggies who were given a second chance, though i'm sure these were toms who had taken class C's. NCO's and anyone taking class B's and A's are shown the door straight away.


I don't necessarily disagree and it is a fine line, however my opinion is based more on the cap badge that I wear. Any lad or lass rocking up to work stinking of booze and unable to do their job, particularly one that requires them to drive or uphold the law, is of no use to me. Harsh, but a fact of life.

Although alcohol abuse is a serious issue, I'll take the piss artist anytime. Much rather have an honest drunk than a lying drug user.

Fallschirmjager said:
I understand your sentiments exactly. I even cringe myself looking at the state of some of my blokes on some mornings but after a little jog they soon sober up! :biggrin:

Seen em myself as they wend their merry way up to Friday Woods - not always a pretty sight.


PS. I am trying to remember the name of a para WO1 who was attached to the SA80A2 Fielding Team until it folded last year. Scouser with a brother in the RM. Any ideas?
Fallschirmjager said:
Scouse scott
Yep, that's the man. Any idea what he's doing now?
Fallschirmjager said:
I understand your sentiments exactly. I even cringe myself looking at the state of some of my blokes on some mornings but after a little jog they soon sober up! :biggrin:
That certainly is the old way of doing things and i must admit one that i admire. The team, all together, on the p1ss the night before, the team, altogether, puking their ring up on a bit of fizz the next day.

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