Drug Tests

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by jsmith, Apr 15, 2010.

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  1. I was wondering if the Army drug tests are urine or blood ?


    p.s: please keep unhelpful comments to yourselves
  2. The drug test is done by hair sample.
    You’ll need a full body shave if you’re going to bluff it.
  3. Really ? Hair test ? aren't they outdated as hell since there is 101 shampoo's that will bluff them.
  4. Nope, they test using hair. And the night before the test, the selection centre staff will go through all of your personal belongings and confiscate all toiletries so you can't fool the test.
  5. nope, hair is the way they do it now, too many jock squaddies hijacking kids outside schools to get a clean sample of p!ss to present (they use a small washing up bottle with a rubber tube attached to their c0cks with elastic bands

    Whats 101 shampoo
  6. You can get shampoo's that remove the toxins from your hair oils/follicles etc but it's only effective for about 8 hours, at what stage do they test you ? is the first one at selection ? (I have stopped smoking weed, it's just I had a pretty heavy Christmas break I'm pretty sure my blood is 90% THC still.
  7. Ill make an unhelpfull suggestion, If your blood is 90% THC what makes you think the the posters on this site would want to advise you on a system that stops scrotes with 90% THC getting in and potentially being a security risk/problem?

    Tell your recruiting staff when you last took drugs, they will probably find out how long you need to be off them and arrange for a drugs test after that point. You are joining an organisation that requires self discipline, well done on showing how much of that you have.
  8. They do work, I passed a few at school because of them.
  9. Absinthe will bond with THC and exit your system faster. A week of it should clean you up

    To be safe I'd blade shave my swede
  10. Oh Jerrycan f***ing relax man, I'm not exactly getting stoned right now and I'm not going to be getting stoned at the army, I just don't want my Chistmas vacation ruining my chances....silly d**k
  11. A week of drinking absinthe lollll, I'm sure the stomache pumping i'd get at the hospital would clear me right up hahah.
  12. *snigger*
  13. You should have perhaps thought about your christmas holiday ruining your chances before doing things on your christmas holiday that may ruin your chances clever boy. So jog on tit
  14. You've got a good attitude there son. I like you. You'll go far.
  15. I like how he edited his post to make it look like he's less of a dick.