Drug Testing

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Dodgy-Engr, Jul 16, 2006.

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  1. There is an ACF SSI at my work who is known to occasionally smoke Whacky Baccy. I have already had words with him about it but it has fallen on deaf/dumb ears :x

    Are ACF instructors subject to CDT?

    Not exactly setting a good example :!: :x

    I am not a member of the ACF and only come into contact with AI's + Cadets during detachment visits etc

    Should i report it? If so then who to? Detachment commander? Battalion HQ?

    The ACF is not my club but i would be failing in duty of care if i was to say it was not my problem!
  2. As he's not an officer he is not subject to military law/discipline so no CDT. Not sure if you should report it though. If it's not affecting his work and cadets it's not that bad. Now if he was stoned up to the eye balls and teaching the cadets it would be a different matter.
  3. Report him.
    He’s abusing drugs and is in contact with both children and weapons, he’s both dangerous and a bad example to the kids.

    Report him to his OC, CO, and the police, that way you’re bound to get some kind of result and can rest easy knowing you’ve done the right thing.
  4. Yes.

    The whole 'he's not an officer' thing doesn't wash.

    1) He works with children.
    2) Presumably wears the uniform of HM.
    3) Presumably takes (albeit limited) pay.
    4) Has ignored your quiet warning.

    It is your duty to report him.
  5. No messing about here. Report him. He works with children and is in a position to be a role model. The kids we help train need better guidance than someone who thinks waccy baccy is OK. Not only that, the last time I looked, we in the ACF had quite a strict policy on drug taking.
  6. Report him to his Det Commander, and his area CO. Not worth risking.
  7. Drugs and Weapons don't mix. He's also setting an appalling example.

    Report the cunt.
  8. don't bother with Det Cmd, go straight to the CEO, that his job, the CEO should deal with Drugs abuse, Child abuse, abuse of a similar nature, his brief is to deal with this and he will appoint somebody outside of the Detachment to deal with it, clearly the DC is not doing his job.

    if i was the DC i would warn him and tell him to stop , if he doesn't listen, suspend him and report him to CEO.
  9. he is breaking the law, it's as plain and simple as that,he would lose his CRB rating and should do as well
  10. I 100% agree with the advice above. Report him up the chain and to the Civilian Police, he is using an illegal substance and therefore he is not fit to lead cadets.

    To clarify, ACF/CCF Officers are subject to CDT (although I've never heard of it happening) as by virtue of their TA General List Commission they are members of the Armed Forces. AIs are not subject to CDT as they are civilian employees of RFCA. However, I would say that their duty of care to set an example to the cadets is just as strong.
  11. I echo everyone else, He needs reporting.
  12. Report him straight to the CEO, don't be worried about being a "GRASS", you know it's the right thing to do.

    So this begs the question. Should we be subject to Drugs and alcohol tests in the ACF???
  13. I thought there was an 8 hour rule when it came to drinking and working with Cadets, as in don't go on the piss inside 8 hours of working with kids.

    Why shouldn't we be subject to Drugs Tests?
  14. Exactly, if you have behaved yourself and nothing to hide, you won't mind being tested.
  15. we all know that that rule is crap,just look at most of our so called senior adults on camps,completley rat assed and then on the range in the morning,i alsways said bring in the 2 can rule,if adults dont like it tough,go join the reg and get pissed,we are working with kids 24/7 on camps and not 9 to 5 as some seniors would have us beleive