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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by rph8uk, Apr 13, 2006.

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  1. Hi I am just wondering if anyone knows what the drug tests in the army are testing for:-

    Is it recreational drugs (eg Coke, Weed, etc)
    Is it performance enhanching drugs? (eg Steriods etc)

    Also do they test using blood samples or pee tests?

    Thanks for any help you can give me
  2. As far as i know they test for everything. And its urine they test not blood.
  3. If you dont take any stuff, no need to worry.
  4. Sounds like someone is panicking
  5. If it is a urine test they cant detect certain drugs thats why i was asking

    But im presuming they wont be that bothered about taking performance enhancing drungs like steriods as it isnt against the law to take them only to sell them
  6. It depends on the levels, because substance abuse is substance abuse - performance enhancing substances and prescription drugs can be abused.
  7. :roll:
    hmmm, what about the psychological effects of steriods. I have seen the personality change in a relative who takes that sh!t. He's not in the Army, but as he seems to now have the worlds most violent temper... I'm glad he's not.

    And I'm sure they do test for steriods on the CDT.

    ** Just read you previous posts. Your going to Sandhurst and your asking about taking Steriods, FFS :roll: :roll: :roll:
  8. rph8uk, it is illegal to take performance enhancing drugs (steroids) in the Armed Forces. They are tested for during CDT and people have been discharged for taking them.

    This link from the serving soldier website tells you all about it - http://www.army.mod.uk/linked_files/ag/servingsoldier/termsofserv/discmillaw/files/pdf/the%20facts.pdf

    I see from your other posts that you are about to start at Sandhurst, a bit of advice - you WILL be tested for these substances as soon as you put that uniform on. There is NO comeback (except in extreme cases) and you will be discharged from the service. Never being allowed to join again.

    As for your quote on the legaility of taking steroids, there are many things that are perfectly legal in civi strasse that are illegal under Military Law.

    Hope this advice helps!
  9. CDT do not specifically test for AAS (steroids) though will test certain individuals if asked to by the Commanding Officer. AAS testing costs a fortune and to test a whole Battalion the costs would be too high.
  10. I had to stop taking them for the very reason you have mentioned. Not only that they put my blood pressure and cholesterol up significantly.
    When you increase a mans testosterone level the body compensates by naturally increasing the oestrogen level. It’s the increase in the female hormone that causes the temper and rages. It’s like being 19 stone and having mega PMT!
  11. The urine test is the main method of CDT testing, however, they have a complete arsenal of other methods - blood, hair, body fluids, etc.

    Drugs misuse (of any type) is not tolerated in the Army. Many think they can get away with it using methods someone in the pub told them - it is amusing that when they are caught they are like startled rabbits for a few days (about the time it takes to sort out their discharge papers) and can't believe they have been caught - right up until they are walking out of the gate!

    One of the best things to be introduced since i joined up - got rid of a lot of deadwood numpties.

    CDT defence - only one don't take drugs! (unless prescribed!)
  12. If you follow the link to the Army website it explains very clearly that they do indeed test for steroids - 'CDT is aware of steroid misuse -testing can and does identify these drugs' (direct quote)

    I've been around since CDT came in and been tested countless times - i've sat at the desk reading the sheets out many times and it has, as far back as i can remember, always mentioned steroid abuse. Annual drugs and alcohol ITD(MATT now!) - which i have given - specifically mentions it, as does various literature - commander's guides, etc.

    Many of these 'they don't test for that' are just fairytales - read the facts from the correct sources and you can't go far wrong!
  13. Besides steroids make your di#k shrivel, however, you may grow a lovely set of ti#s!
  14. Calm down people, thanks for the link from the serving soldier website tiffys-r-us

    Some people do other things than joining the army and may take steriods for that specific sport and this question was about what they where testing and the type of tests not all of your opinions
  15. Ah yes the old 'makes your D*ck shrivel myth' How did I know someone would mention that !!!
    ha ha