Drug Testing At Selection

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by carper, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. When you have your medical do you haveh a drugs test or is it random or don't they have one at all?

    Cheers Ollie
  2. Why the concern if they do or don't?

    They have random drugs testing at any barracks or military establishment and is a urine test.
  3. Just wondering if they do it at selection as some drugs (cannabis) stays in your system for a considerable time and was wondering if this would have any effect.

    Cheers Ollie
  4. The point is Carper, you can expect to be tested at any time, anywhere, for any illegal drugs in the Armed Forces. Selection I am less sure off - perhaps another ARRSER can help?
  5. They don't test for cannabis in a CDT. (Comp Drugs Test). They are only interested in the hard stuff.
  6. Ok lads thanks for that.

  7. So, if you were concerned about your previous dope smoking, then don't, you can do it all through your military career.
  8. In fact, some units encourage dopes use to de-stress the blokes and even issue it. I suggest you seek out the RSM at your first unit (as he holds the stash) and ask him for a nice big spliff.
  9. Its not the RSM who actually holds it. yes he has a stash of hash in his top drawer, but do you know who his supplier is?
  10. Is the supplier the RQMS?
  11. you must be joking!!!
  12. Its the RQ that demands it through the system....
  13. Ah, so it must be supplied from Bde or Div then?
  14. Well, if you must know, the supplier of hash hish to the RSM is the Regimental Padre. He also supplies lollipops to children if they sit on his lap.
  15. Fcuk off! You lie you b@stard, the padre is the God fearing guru of the unit, no way he would push dope? Would he???