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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by cferguson, Dec 19, 2009.

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  1. Ive got selection on the 13th of next month and i am worrying about my drug test. I was at a party about 7 months ago and took a couple of puffs out of a joint and and another drug im worrying this would stop me from getting in?
  2. youll pass selection but if you think you can get away with doing it at all dont youll get caught and thrown out...drugs are for scumbags :)
  3. No it won't. It would have been out of your system over 6 months ago. Best lay off drugs altogether if joining the forces.
  4. nahh i dont take drugs thought i was just drunk and people where offering me but i wont do that again
  5. I know a few people who take drugs. Not one of them are scumbags to be honest. I know a few scumbags who drink alcohol though! :)
  6. The only drugs you need are the whiff of gun oil and burnt propellant. Oh and maybe the smell of napalm in the morning.
  7. is ti a ppissing test they give you aswell or a blood test?
  8. You don't get drugs test at selection.it is a piss test that checks for medical issues e.g diabetes.the you get drugs test about week 8 of phase 1 training
  9. aww thanks thats took a weight off my shoulders haha!
  10. Hey another I was drunk and took drugs thread
    How many of these floating about now?
  11. Take note whats been said above, you wont be tested at ADSC but will once in your ATR. Also be honest about it when your on your interview when your asked if youve previously taken anything at Your Interview as they will respect your honesty and as long as you say it was a one off and inform them your fully aware of zero tolerance to drugs and aware of CDT.
  12. You get the CDT after your long weekend break during phasew one which is the begining of week 8.

    It's a piss test, they'll ask you to declare if you had taken any drugs for three months before you joined, half my troop declared something, you wont get fucked out for it as you were a civillian at the time.... But id suggest laying of the drugs if you want a career in the army,
  13. I suggest you lay off the drugs as soon as you make the application as directed by your Recruiter.