Drug takers arent bad

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wompingwillow, Sep 18, 2009.

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  1. Just when I thought the whole drug scandal at Bath Rugby couldn't get any stranger I find this


    A bizarre protest in support of a group of former Bath Rugby players will take place in the city tomorrow.

    The pressure group West Country Respect will demonstrate at the Recreation Ground - although there is no home game that day, with the club taking on Sale Sharks away tonight.

    Respect campaigners will be holding placards which spell out the words 'Nice People Take Drugs' - the theme of a campaign launched earlier this year by a separate group, the national organisation Release.

    West Country Respect was set up to "protect the health and defend the rights" of people who take drugs,
    and says the rugby club has been unfair to the players involved.
  2. ... and by extension protecting the drug peddlers :roll:
  3. I know many people who take drugs. Some are very nice people indeed and some are arrseholes. I suppose the same could be said about those that consume alcohol.
  4. I tend to be nice until I drink said Alchohol... (in fairness it's Whisky that turns me into an utter lairy tw@t - so I save it for when the inlaws come down)

  5. Sssssh! On this site you will be shouted down for that. All drugs are A BAD THING. Didn't you know that if you take drugs once, then at any time up to thirty years later you might have a flash back and shoot all of your muckers whilst on patrol? Seriously, I know a bloke who knows a bloke who knows a bloke that it happened to. But I can't remember the details, like.
  6. Yep. People who have never had dealings with drugs or people who take drugs believe what the media tell them. The army is the worse culprit for it to be honest as the propaganda they churn out is basically bollox.
  7. There are more drug users than members of HM forces some are nice some are total aholes.
    alcohol and tobacco are both drugs but are legal.
    The more powerful the drug the more likely behaviour is likely to get worse.
    known some very nice smack and crack heads who had done/did do some outrageous/ evil things to get drugs or while on them :x
    mind you knew drunk squaddies who were social hand grenades with enough booze in them :( .
    take enough LSD and it can cause flashbacks probably best not mix with a high stress career knew a teacher who suffered from acid problems.
    Our drug laws make no sense and the war on drugs we lost years ago.
  8. We never lost the war on drugs BH. We simply never fought it.
  9. As Bill Hicks points out - it would be embarrassing to lose a war against people who are stoned all the time.
  10. ok the "POLICE ACTION" against drugs still we lost.
    people like to get off there face have done through out history.
    alcohol kills people legal homebrewing legal :?
    cannibis does'nt kill but will feck you up as well illegal. growing your own illegal :?
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    That's very nice and all that, and the some of the people may be nice and all that, but the problem is that either they are unknowingly supporting the trade that is run by murdering criminal fcuk-scum, in which case, they are terminalyl stupid and should be killed, or they are knowingly buying their illegal products from murderous low-life fcuk-scum and thus are knowingly furthering criminal enterprises that are the cause of huge misery and suffering and enriching the perpetrators to the tune of billions - in which case they are stupid, selfish wnakers and should be killed.

    If the drugs were legalised and controlled and distribution taken out of the hands of murderous fcuk-scum, then fair enough. That's not the case however, and these idiots are complicit in every crime that is committed the world over due to the illegal trade in drugs.
  12. Nail on head.
  13. so lets legalise and let peace reign free
  14. Except for that argument is equally valid to many legal products such as bananas, pornography, coffee, coco, cola, or acceptable illegal goods (stuff I'm sure many ARRSErs have probably purchased guilt free) such black market tobacco, counterfeit goods etc.
  15. columiban cartel vs British american Tobacco or coke a cola I think I know whose going to corner the market. hint columbian's don't have a marketing department.
    Drugs are nice thats why people take them Not like you have a choice or nice people to buy them off. :(