Drug suspect assets to be seized

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Le_addeur_noir, Feb 27, 2008.

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  1. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    In a statement from Jacqui Smith(a former drug user),assets from drug dealers are to be seized at the time of arrest.



    Fair comment,but someone with her record as Home Secretary is hardly credible.
  2. Been tried before.....The rather snappy Assest Recovery Agency was set up in about 2002 and is now being merged with the Serious Organised Crime Agency. From figures released the ARA has cost £60 million to run whilst recovering £8 million since 2003. At one point it had frozen assets worth £68 million that the ARA was trying to grab, but was being fought through the Courts at great length, usually under HRA.......
  3. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Now comes to pass that this may indeed be illegal. It appears you are innocent until proven guilty - is this a new concept.

    Another headline grabbing bunch of nothing. Jacqui Smith - Broon puppet.
  4. Can I inform on a suspected drug user - Jacqui Smith, used to be a lecturer of some sorts now bleeding off the state. Has admitted being a user, bound to have shared her joint around, has lots of assetts. Let's start with her.

    Will it happen? - of course not, just another soundbite
  5. Sounds silly, especially if the chap gets off at court and you have to give it all back again, what a pain in the arrse.
  6. Let drugs be sold from official retail outlets, tax them to death, charge them for needles (don’t give free ones out) this will then allow the scum to kill themselves without actually bleeding us tax payers dry. Additionally anyone taking drugs will need a license and all drugs will be controlled in little licensed/registered bottles that can be traced

    Additionally there needs to a be clause anyone under the influence of drugs or is caught with drugs goes to a nice island where the facilities are limited but allows them to come off cold turkey, no rest bite. Then if they kill each other cool.

    Did I miss something (apart from my medication)
  7. This is a truly awful idea.

    The ARA never really worked as an agency (which is wy it's being disbanded), and now the gobernment wants to make it easier for someone, ie them, to sieze someone's assets just because they're accused of a crime. Whatever happened to the presumption of innocence?

    I have no problem preventing a criminal from hiding their money when they find out that they're under investigation, but this is not the way to do it.

    Justice has a way of taking a long time and if a case lasts, say 10 years, you are going to prevent the accused from living normally during that time. How are they going to pay for day-to-day expenses? What happens if they want to buy a new car or move house? You may even prevent them from hiring a lawyer.

    I am not generally a bleeding heart, but someone is over-reaching a little here.

  8. Too many ideas have been tried recently with no clauses.

    They have had money courses on how to hug each other and stand with pride saying "my names Derek and I take drugs.

    How many people have suffered?

    Burn the couriers, and hang the dealer with there own petard. If there are any users left 3 chances no more, then pop them on an island somewhere cold and remote to let them battle cold turkey.

    I did not make these people take drugs, but they have made many a families life miserable either from stealing through to murder. Stop the rot with action not hugs and kisses

    (still cannot find my medication)
  9. they are allowed living expenses once their assets are restrained
  10. Many years ago the then Biggest Bankrupt in UK was asked if he intended to get a job so he may pay back some of his debts. (Millions).
    His reply was words to the effect of
    I have always been a Principal and can never see me being an employee.
    The judge acepted this.
    The guy went home in his wife's Roller.

  11. Err, isn't that the approach declared for us anti-social cigarette smiking types? You know? perfectly legal tobacco smokers that is...
  12. Much as I like the idea of hitting the little buggers in the pockets (and anywhere else the bruising'll show) I'm deeply uncomfortable at the idea of taking legal sanctions against someone who's not yet been convicted of a crime. Thin end of particularly nasty wedge, IMO.
  13. It's a soundbite pure and simple, The crustie in question is hoping we're too addled to notice it a) Wouldn't work b)will never happen...
  14. By all means Freeze their assets to prevent them being moved offshore or similar but as has been said, inocent until proven guilty.