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Drug submarine seized by Colombian navy

I think it has been done before but seems to be growing in sophistication.
Not a bad looking bit of kit for something thats homemade
I wonder how many have actually been used or how many have sank. There may be a areas of S. American water where the fish are over confident and actively tease the poor fisherman in games of 'chase me, chase me'.
Good job we still have the Nimrod fleet to observe the water for such beasties.... oh, wait.
So basically it won't be that long before a bunch of cokeheads have more submarines than us as well.
Found the order form.


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They had unmanned subs that could be towed behind an innocent looking yacht back in the late 80's. This one is just a bit more shiny. Could have built it on the Tyne for half the money mind. But they never asked.
They do, it's why they keep getting stuck on sandbanks. :boogie:

Actually looking at the photo on BBC news it could be mistaken for a RN sub as it looks like its been beached.
Found the order form.

Just don't make toys like they used too. I spent around 800 quid on my wee lad for crimbo on a load a shit and for 7 dollars back then I could have bought a mini nuke sub, **** sake and inflations only at 5% apparently

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