Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

Here's an item that should be of particular interest to police officers, physicians, nurses, and ambulance crew.

A highly virulent strain of tuberculosis that is highly resistant to treatment by existing drugs has emerged in South Africa. This is from the New York Times:

Virulent strains of tuberculosis resistant to all standard drugs have killed 52 of 53 patients in a rural hospital in South Africa in recent months, a team of researchers reported here today.

The patients, who were also infected with the virus that causes AIDS, were resistant to all first- and second-line drugs for tuberculosis, Dr. Neel R. Gandhi told the 16th International Conference on AIDS.

“It’s essentially not treatable,” said Dr. Gerald Friedland, an AIDS specialist at Yale who worked in the South African hospital and was an author of the study. “There’s quite a lot out there. We don’t know the whole extent.”

The illness was rapidly fatal. About half the patients died within 30 days of the time their sputum was collected and sent to a laboratory.

"Doctors Warn of Powerful and Resistant Tuberculosis Strain" by LAWRENCE K. ALTMAN
Published: August 18, 2006
(Free subscription required.)
Well, that was a rather crafty ploy, NWD! First you give us the good news that Phoney Tony's up for the elbow, and then you lay this on us. :D :D :D

Actually, this is rather worrying. I'm going to have to do a bit of research on this on, but thanks for the heads-up.

The plot of the film 'The Constant Gardener' concerns this resisitant TB. I only watched it last night and thought they'd made it up for the movie, well now I know....

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