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Drug Misuse/Security Vetting

Ah, okay! I will advise him that this is the best course of action when it comes to his vetting process, thank you.
You do realise he is an adult now,, apron strings or something
You do realise he is an adult now,, apron strings or something
This is all purely for my own peace of mind but obviously as a parent I’m going to try and make sure he doesn’t stray again. Your negativity and general tone has been pathetic if I’m quite honest. Get off your high horse and leave my thread please


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I expect the extent of the enquiries will depend upon the level of vetting to which he's going to be subjected. As noted above, he should fill out all the forms and answer questions truthfully; if the vetting is at a higher level, he will be interviewed by a vetting officer and he should be entirely truthful and open with him or her, answering any questions put fully and honestly.

If his vetting is rejected, all his putative employer will be told is just that; the vetting guys don't share reasons for their decisions outside their own circles.
And all vetting *forms are* done online, his employer will not see his answers either.

*edited to add, interviews for higher vetting are face to face but also private.
I once gave a character reference for a friend who was being DV'd again as part of his job at MOD Shoeburyness and Foulness Island. I was checked out as part of the process and having been SC and DV'd some long time before, I still had to have a face to face interview with the bloke conducting the enquiry. As he filled in a very lengthy form I was able to elaborate on the questions and answers too. Basically the gist of what he said was; "We just have to know about things. Good or bad, we just need to know so that we can evaluate. We even have pornographers in place who have passed DV. So much depends on the role and location." So my advice would be to speak up and make a clean breast of it all. If his history was to come out some time later and he hadn't told them of it. Then that would be his lot, with no appeal.

I've done the same for a couple of people I know.
Found the exercise quite intense, as some of the questions were decidedly personal but entirely relevant & the explanation beforehand was both open & comprehensive.
Agree absolutely with being 100% honest & open, as any attempt at being "economical with the truth" will come back & bite the person involved at some point.

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