Drug dealing coppers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mon_colonel, Aug 9, 2009.

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  1. Good week for the forces of law and order, one dies from an overdose of smack yesterday, a policewoman arrested for prostitution, over 1,000 pulled up for misuse of credit cards and now drug dealing police officers, whats going on down at Hendon....?

    From The Sunday People

    "Police on drugs rap
    Two police officers were charged last night with drugdealing.

    Constable Matthew Kille, 30, and community support officer Lisa Slavin, 20, both of the Thames Valley force, are accused of misconduct and possessing cocaine with intent to supply.

    The two, based at Slough, Berks, were suspended from duty in May after senior officers received information about alleged drug deals.

    They are to appear at Swindon magistrates' court on August 20.

    Criminal proceedings against another woman officer and two female members of police staff, arrested in the same investigation, have been dropped."
  2. Unless they were transferees, the closest TVP come to Hendon is the M25/M40 junction
  3. Quite true Squiggles. Hendon is nothing to do with TVP.

    Still a cr@p state of affairs though, and although there were one or two isolated instances of drug taking/dealing when I was coppering (Maidenhead 1989 -1995) It wasn't that big a deal and the individuals concerned were just quietly given the boot.
  4. The thing is, and this applies to all the current Plod-bashing threads, is that the Police are and always have been representative of society.

    To have a representative Police Service you have to recruit from all sections of society and that will unwittingly include some wrong-uns, bullies, thieves and druggies.

    Surely when news breaks that these have been found out and dealt with that is good? If anything it displays that the Police as a whole don't want this idiots within our ranks, letting us down and tarring our name. It shows that the majority aren't like that and aren't willing to accept it from our own.
  5. I am agreeing with you.
  6. I know mate,

    My little soap-box moment wasn't directed at anyone in particular. Just had to pick one of the many current threads to stick it on :wink:
  7. I can understand the point you're making, Squiggles, but the very same set of circumstances and outcome also, almost automatically, give rise to the suspicion that it's only the tip of the iceberg.

    I suppose that's inevitable, really, given the blatant and crude snowjobs done on MPs expenses, corruption in the Old Bill and such.

  8. le_crabe_tambour - Only one point. Those cnuts weren't police officers! They were drug dealers with an elaborate disguise and should be done for theft of wages/oxygen!
  9. I'm sure there are lot more coppers that are bent and have not been, and maybe never will be, found out. But again that goes for all walks of life from a secretary helping herself to pencils for the kids (do kids still draw on paper?) to MPs claiming for their sister's/cousin's/mistress' homes.

    The annoying thing is that it is used by some people to evidence their opinion that All Coppers Are Bent.

    I would have hoped that the general membership of Arrse would know better than that, based upon the bashing that HM Forces used to get before it was trendy to support us.
  10. Well, that's part of the problem, isn't it? The "can't air our dirty washing in public" attitude. Plod are happy enough to insist everybody else does, I've known nurses they have screwed over, insisted on referring to the NMC, and even leaked details of the NMC hearing times and dates to local papers to make sure jurno's turned up (Jurno's have turned up with e-mails giving the same details as were on the PNC - but not the address that the NMC were dealing with), but when it's their corporate image, it's sort it out quietly.

    It's the hypocrisy that annoys joe public.
  11. I like this bit.
    That explains why most of the cops I meet are useless theiving smackheads. I knew there was logic in there somewhere :wink:

    I honestly despair with this PC shite.

    PC not PC
  12. Yeah that Hypocrisy that says that if you do wrong and get caught you can expect a harsher sentence than joe public. :roll:

    How dare they even show their faces.
  13. Probably some of the WPC crack whores
  14. You say that like it's a bad thing?