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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by FCollins, Nov 7, 2008.

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  1. Hi.

    I grew up in a military family. My dad was both an enlisted man, and later rejoined as an officer (chaplain to be exact) My brother is currently at welbeck and will no doubt also be an officer.

    Anyway, I always planned to join the army, and after returnign from the US I applied to join but because I had been abroad so long they told me to return in a year. During that year I was a silly boy and got caught with enough ecstasy to get me a 2 year prison sentence, I served 7.5 months was let out at the earliest possible chance for good behaviour, have been out nearly 3 years now and no further trouble. I was only 19 at the time of my arrest.

    I'm 23 now, since I got out of prison I have been out of trouble working multiple jobs and at university for 2.5 years.

    I found out today that the British army doesn't treat YOI records as seriously as proper prison records and may still consider you for admission.

    Considering my background, recent behaviour etc do you see any possibility they may allow me a chance?

    I can provide records from probation and prison officers stating my behaviour was exemplary etc.
  2. Good day to you FC.

    I saw this earlier on today and I had hoped that someone a lot closer

    to the military than myself would throw out some sort of response.

    We both know the what the attitude of the military is to drugs. Society

    has a problem with it and so do they.

    You say that your father is a Chaplain, is it not possible that he could

    advise you? If not, and were I in your shoes, I would get along down

    to the recruiting office and have a very frank heart to heart with

    the officer in charge. Be completely honest.

    I guess that you will have to convince them that you really have put it

    behind you. Difficult to do, but your behaviour subsequent to your

    release will probably give some sort of indication as to future behaviour.

    There are, as you know, a lot of very experienced Senior NCOs and

    Officers on here and they may have more pertinent advice to offer.

    There are also some who may well slag you off. Never mind the

    slaggers, you'll always cop a bit of that but pay attention to any advice

    that is given.

    I believe that all young people deserve a second chance and if they give

    you one FC, don't feck it up.

    Here's hoping and all the best.

  3. Depends on what you were charged with?????????
  4. Best bet is to go to your ACIO, just go in and be completely honest, take all your charge sheets and they will help you out, they did me.

    People can give you advice on here but its all limited without being able to see your charge sheets.
    MSI64 was a great help to me when i was at the earlier stages of my application.
  5. Absolutely - go and talk to the pros. You will not be the only person they have dealt with who wants to join having a history of drug use (over 3/4 of my entry admitted to using drugs at some point prior, and that was years ago) and / or a conviction.

    Have a look at this as well (CIO Guidance Notes) - Qs44 & 45.

    Remember that having a recent conviction may harm your security clearance, so that may significantly restrict the regiment or corps you can join.
  6. Were you charged with possession of a controlled substance or possession with intent to supply a controlled substance?

    This is not a total bar to joining, however if you wanted to enter the RMP, work with cadets or enter a medical, dental or legal branch you could encounter problems. Best advice is to speak to the AFCO, or you could consult a Citizen's Advice Bureau or solicitor to find out for certain when your conviction becomes spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. Once the conviction becomes spent you are not obliged to disclose it except on security checks.

    Hope this helps.
  7. I always thought it was a minimum of 10 years if the applicant had a custodial sentence, regardless of the conviction?

  8. On the armyjobs.mod.uk it states

    Can you join the Army if you have used drugs?

    The Army recognises the issue of drug misuse in civilian life, so if you've had issues with drugs in the past this will not normally prevent you from joining. But once you enlist, the Army has a zero tolerance attitude to illicit drug use. You will be liable by law to random compulsory drug testing and if these tests return positive, you will almost certainly be discharged.


    press the link to have a chat with the mod .
  9. just been to the ACIO.

    Any conviction is allowed if you're a young offender and its under 30 months sentence.

    except drug dealing, i'm permanently barred even when my conviction is spent.

    ******* luvverly.

    Should have raped an old lady instead, i'd still be able to join in 10 years when my conviction is spent. Is drug dealing really the worst crime possible ffs?
  10. It's up there in the top 10. Anyway, you civvy, drug dealing skiplicker - fucking do one.
  11. ha, go fock yourself.

    I'll give the foreign legion a shot, its only a short flight away
  12. Yes, I do however think the Army should look at each case and allow entry upon your time since you were convicted. Having said that, possession with intent to supply is a very serious offence which you should remember and so keep in line for the next 10 or so years before you next apply.
    Consider a careers in your chosen degree, this experence will be beneficial when (if you wanted to of course) you reapply.
  13. You'll find La legion will run your name past interpol so any convictions will be seen there too. But you could try the Thai army i'll give you a name to ask for if you also drop off a bag of baking sugar for me in Pattaya
  14. foreign legion life

    jean claude van damme did it(in the film A.W.O.L Aka LionHeart) and it looked like crap then, so i guess... Enjoy?
  15. "A criminal history may be overlooked if the offenses are minor but there are no guarantees." A Quote from that page.

    Unlucky now even the legion won't just take anyone
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