? Drug and Booze testing as a civi

Does anyone know the rules on the above in civvi street?

A company want to introdce drug and booze testing, and the levels introduced are a 1/3 of the UK driving limit.

Was not something in the contract when joining.

Includes prescription and over the counter medicines.

If found, instant suspension and possible dismissal?

I have no idea( not really affected because of background) just wondered!
We have random tests once or twice a year for drugs. With regards to booze, if you are found to be drunk/hungover at the start of a shift you are sent home unpaid & issued with a warning. Do it again or turn up ratarrsed then you,ll land yourself with the sack. Agreeing to drug testing was in our contract of employment.

My dad worked as a train shunter & had to inform the med center if he took even a strepsil for a sore throat. Booze level is zero & they were advised not to drink at all 24hrs before a shift. Thr railway game is sh1t hot on it. This was all writen into thier terms & condition aswell.

Legally a company can make its own rules & regs up as it goes along as long as it don,t break the law. With the UK now going H&S crazy companys are going to start piling these type of laws onto everybody soon. Its called covering thier own arrse as they can be held liable if they let a pi55ed/drugged bloke loose with a potentialy lethal bit of machinery.

If they bring it in where you are just lay off the booze before work & inform them of any medicines youve been prescribed. If you turn up for work with a head full of marching powder then you deserve to be sacked. The balls in your court at the end of the day. Theres not alot you can do about it. You could refuse a sample but in thier eyes that,ll be taken as an admission. They,ll still have to add "refusing a drug test" to thier gross misconduct list though which has happened at our place.

Regards LT.

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