Drowned tank

The gallery pic of a drowned tank reminded me of an almost identical job I was on to recover a chieftan up in Hohne/Soltau area.

I was called out as part of the RE diving team to recover the tank, which had veered off into a big pond/small lake when the driver was blinded by some tw*t who put on a spotlight when he heard the chieffy approaching.

When we got there some smartarrse with a CET had started digging a channel to a nearby slope, with the intention of draining the pond. We smirked and did the posing bit whilst we set up (a small crowd had gathered 8) )

Fcuk me if the swine in the CET hadn't moved half the hillside during our posing (kitting up) time and drained the pond. The diver (not me thank god) still had to go in, fully kitted up with the water/mud just over the top of his knees, as the recovery lugs on the belly plate were a couple of inches under the water/mud.

Divers log book entry....depth 6 inches :oops:

Any other embarassing drowned/bogged in/recovery stories?
At the Hameln day last year we were stood about looking good as ever when this old sapper from the 50s asked if we wanted to see some pictures of when he'd done amph at Woldham back then.

Of course we did and he went through the pics being able to recognize things as it'd changed very little except ther was no hard standing back then. One showed just the very top of a Conqueror Heavy Tank sticking out of the water. We asked if it was driven in to snorkel or wade across....

His reply. "No, it fell off the Mexefloat." And who were we to doubt him?
I was at 28 when they were trialling the M2D (uprated by sticking big rubber bags under the ramps!). To test it they put a bridge in, loaded extra weights onto a cent arrv and ran it back & forward, back & forward etc etc. That is until it was coming off the ramps up a slope, missed a gear and started rolling backwards. Story was the cent driver ran past the rig crew who were legging it 8O The cent took out the crane, pilot stand & most of the cab before it went into the river (I think it was the Weser)
Probably wrong, but there was a story of a tank being washed down by driving it into a Loch in the Scots borders (must have been early 50s or even wartime). Unfortunately they didn't realise that after a few feet the slope suddenly dropped away...

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