DROPS Replacement

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by meridian, Jan 29, 2010.

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  1. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Anyone know whats happening with the replacement for DROPS?

    Is it likely to be dragged over the back as EPLS or one of the new sideloader type things?

    Just curious
  2. I am under the impression it is the Man SV EPLS, I could be wrong though.

    A loggie will be along shortly with the definitive answer

  3. Now that's what I call a replacement !
  4. Yep. You won't find any old drops vehicles on CLP's any more.
  5. There was plenty on Herrick 10 though!
  6. I'll bet you still can't get Channel 5 on it though!
  7. As far as I know EPLS is not the replacement for DROPS as it is only used as a UOR.

    That is not to say that a variant of it wont be the replacement when it goes to trial etc. I think its due in sometime after FRES......................ha ha ha ha
  8. I certainly bow to your greater knowledge, however, because we are skint how many UOR will be taken into core?

    MASTIFF for SAXON anyone :D

    Bearing in mind that BULLDOG has just got another 15 year extension 8O
  9. I suppose it depends on where we think we will be fighting in 15 years. A UOR is a UOR. MASTIFF, in most peoples opinion, is the best bit of kit we have bought in years but I cant really see it being brought into regiments. I may be wrong though.
  10. Im not sure but when i was getting fammed up on a 9 tonne SV Man we got told the 15 Tonne Man SV is the replacement for drops
  11. I may be right in saying and I think CH150 would back me up in saying theres no scope to replace DROPS at the moment, although the MAN SV EPLS looks like the most likely successor to the DROPS, the man is currently only UOR in herrick, there was also mention of an oshkosh replacement but since the man SV fleet is replacing most of the serving fleet, the man epls would make most sense!
  12. The Treasury ruling is that if a capability is funded as a UOR and not brought into core then any requirement for the same capability within a 10 year period will not be authorised to be funded by the MOD. This would suggest that the EPLS will replace DROPS, unless we want to wait a decade or more for a replacement!
  13. EPLS is not the replacement for DROPS, it's only a stop gap. No doubt it will be adopted though as we seem to have spent a little too much cash.
  14. I am slightly out of the loop but when I was last in it the information I had was the EPLS was only a UOR and not due to replace DROPS in core.

    The DROPS replacement is still programmed to take place and there are still options open. Although with current budgetary issues I am sure this will slip to the right. EPLS covers HERRICK nicely as a UOR and DROPS will have to plod on in core.

    EPLS is not a guaranteed winner as the DROPS replacement. It would make sense in some respects for EPLS to be the DROPS replacement as it has commonality with the rest of the SV fleet; it is after-all just a 15T SV with a LHS on the back. It will also have been proven in theatre - but all of the UOR variants will be thrashed after HERRICK and will certainly need replacing anyway. However the other options may still offer a better choice, Osh-Kosh certainly produced a blinding piece of kit with the CST (I can't comment about HET but I haven't heard too much bad about it).
  15. See my above!