Dropping a Log on Ex or on deployment

Anybody remember the difficulties having a dump on Ex in Canada and having to shit back to back with a mate?

How do you get on taking a dump in the Desert or the 'Stan?

I never fancied going off the road with a shovel because of IEDs but dropping a log on the vehicle tyres was just embarassing!

Anybody any experience of being taken short at an inopportune moment and does anybody have innovative solutions?

Also, anybody had a shit on a Yank base, the stalls are open and the stench unbearable?


Some one came up with this novel idea after having a severe case of the shits and having his combats turn mostly brown: 1xbucket (the base of which is removed), a bike tyre, sponge and Harry Black tape wrapped genorously around the sponge. The sponge is then attached to the bucket. Dig hole and place the bucket in siad hole and "Hey Presto!" A DIY toilet. Only downside was sharing it and the fact that some people didnt seem to keen to clean it after use. Used in Canada.

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