Dropped a bollock.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bushmills, Feb 13, 2013.

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  1. A tad inebriated last night and managed to mistake the walk in wardrobe for the bog.

    The mrs ain't happy, I can tell you; no sense of humour women.

    Anybody else managed to do this?
  2. Not done it myself but a lass I used to work with's boyfriend once allegedly came in steaming in the daft hours of the morning and had a piss in the rabbit hutch all over her floppy eared pet, needless to say she wasn't happy and it took her a while to see the funny side.
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  3. put a photo up.

    i probably wont open this thread again to look at your wrecked nylon suits and worn out pants covered in your extretia but others might like a butchers. thoughtful i thought.
  4. Explain to your missus that it's only a wardrobe and if she continues to be gobby about it her anus will be getting employed as a urinal instead.

    Then right hook her for having the temerity to question you.
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  5. went to sleep after getting pissed (incedentaly the eve of jackos death) next morning the missus wasn't speaking to me... apparently I had got up and started pissing in the wardrobe and when she tried to stop me I told to fuck off out the bathroom.
  6. You seem to have caught lockerhead drinking disease.

    The next symptom is bouncing your wife's face off every available kitchen work surface.
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  7. I was working away & staying in a pub B&B when I got up in a drunken sleepy stupor for a slash. I woke up stood at the bottom of the landlady's bed schlong in hand......... how she laughed.
  8. Not pissed in a wardrobe, but did walk into a bints room and piss on her shoes....which were by her bed which she was sleeping in, so she apparently got the full view. Oh and did piss on a fellow arser once.
  9. That's the epitome of 'not a happy bunny'.
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  10. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I once lagged inside my mate's fridge in the mistaken belief that it was the bog.

    To be fair, I'd done a lot of coke that night.

    Civvy cunt didn't find it even in the slightest bit funny and he no longer speaks to me.

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  11. I once emptied out a tub of Flora into the bin and replaced it with one of my freshly laid eggs before returning it to my mates fridge.

    I was drunk but it was a concious act of nastiness because I knew his parents were do back off holiday the next morning and the thought of them wanting a slice of toast when they got back made me laugh.

    He didn't share my view.
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  12. I'm trying to work out what question your asking in the poll....can only assume your asking if us fellow ARRSERS swamped in your wardrobe after shagging your missus....so mine is a NO as I had to escape through the window quick when you suddenly returned home and lagged against your bin as your wardrobe was full of other ARRSERS......I will put my hand up to wiping my cock on your bedroom curtains though.
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  13. Nope.

    Have a mate who got up, opened a drawer, pissed into it, closed the drawer again and went back to sleep.

    And know a guy who shat in front of a door in a 10-bed dorm room, on the inside. Incidentally the door also opened to the inside, rubbing shit into the carpet many times before somebody got to cleaning it up. Bliss.

    He wasn't popular.
  14. Mates parents house when he was home and we went out, I didn't recognise the surroundings and pissed in their wardrobe thinking it was my en suite.

    Wicker Bin in ex girlfriends parents study, I was sleeping in there.

    When I was 16 staying at a mates house the toilet was 2 flights and next to his parents room, consciously decided to piss in a pint pot and share it equally between several pot plants, the fish tank and peeled back the carpet and underlay to pour the rest through the floor boards.

    Never done it in my own home(s) though.