Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by UlsterFry, Jun 14, 2005.

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  1. I've done something stupid, I've dropped my (nearly) new, shiny laptop and almost certainly written it off.

    What I'm wondering was, how do I (or, indeed, can I) get it 'officially' written off in order to claim for insurance. As all that happens now is that it freezes every five minutes, not conducive to writing presentations at all!

    Can IS geeks come up with appropriate paperwork?

    Not that I'd condone insurance fraud, you understand, just ... curious. :wink:
  2. Why not send it back to the manufacturer, and ask for a repair estimate which you then send to your insurance company?

    What has this got to do with "IS Geeks" and what are they? Do you mean someone who isn't silly enough to drop his/her computer, or has some idea of what to do with it if they do?
  3. Here here! Well put indeed :)

    I concur with what was said above. You need to check your insurance policies first off and make sure that you're covered for accidental damage. If you're not then hard luck.
  4. Well, IS geeks would be IS Engineers or whatever bloody silly title they've constructed for themselves this week.

    And since our last IS engineer managed to completely knacker his own laptop by running it over, I feel quite
    satisfied that I am not the only clumsy member of the Corps.
  5. It's only just out of warranty, and my policy does cover accidentals, but I was told by one of our SNCO's that I'd need to include some kind of 'Yes, this laptop is officially knackered' paperwork, as he'd done the same thing not too long ago.
  6. UlsterFry wrote
    but I was told by one of our SNCO's that I'd need to include some kind of 'Yes, this laptop is officially knackered' paperwork, as he'd done the same thing not too long ago.

    well ask him then bore off.
    :wink: :wink:
  7. Any computer place will give you a repair price, or tell you it's written off which is probably what they'll do with a laptop. If there is physical damage and your cover doesn't include accidents then you'll need to think of a decent blag. Don't get to adventurous, stick with something like it fell out of my bag while going upstairs.

    Your big hope however is that nobody from your insurance company uses ARRSE
  8. So all IS Engineers are clumsy, but you're the one with a broken laptop and little idea of how to resolve it. Hmmmm, you must be a diplomat! And with skills like this you are clearly the one to negotiate the British corner with our European partners. Wouldn't p!ss them off at all, really..... :wink:
  9. My insurance company (Abacus) covers me for accidental damage. All that you do is take it so somewhere that they approve for an estimate for repair / beyond economical repair certificate.

    Just give em a call..

    I tried it with an amp that I had that packed up though.. unfortunately that was mechanical breakdown so it wasnt covered. Should have dropped it and played the 'oops' card instead, but you live and learn! :D

    And hey! I am about to xfer to be an IS Engr! Does that mean I'll break all my stuff by accident when I do? 8O
  10. Yep, when they issue you your 'butterfingers' gloves. :lol:
  11. :lol: :lol:

    Fortunately, I'm not from the north, but from the Republic so don't quite have the neurosis developing here.
  12. I think the IS Engineer title is absolutely appropriate and should last for a wee while longer. Until the IS Engrs and Sys Engr Techs merge to form the ICS Engineer that is. "RSIGNALS Geek" is a nice punchy title, I'll grant you, but it probably lacks something from a recruiting perspective.

    You should see the state of my laptop, there's missing keys, the screen is all scratched etc and it's generally in physical tatters. But that's cos I don't bloody worship IT eqpt like a lot of geek freaks. You'll find that there's probably more Tech Wksps (i.e. TM Troops) are formally qualified/covered to do in-depth PC repair diagnostics these days, however this depends largely on the unit (can occasionally depends on how much the TOT/FofS resents the geeks). But before someone jumps in, all IS Engrs are now trained in all that stuff, including all yer electrical safety, electrostatic procedures etc. Very few techs actually know enough about the kit to adequately diagnose IT faults unless it's electrical.

    Well, is it "The Fightin' Sectarian Moneygrabbing Thicko Scroungers Fry" then?
  13. Who's a scrounger?! ;)
  14. Who cares what sort of fry.

    mmmm.. potato bread, soda bread, bacon, eggs.. yummm..

    What I'd give...