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Mr Happy

Hi Guys,

I have a DB 200gb account and am using a healthy 70% of it and have been for a couple of months now. I work of an iPad, HP Laptop (HP), Dell Laptop(Dell) and am about to get an iMac. All 150gb of files are also backed up physically (external hardrives) and the original files are still on my HP and Dell.

I have noticed that the DB FAQ is pretty damned poor - it appears entirely configured towards supporting the sales message rather than helping the user. Here's my questions for the arrse community:

1. My HP uploaded 120gb of photos and home-videos. I wish to remove those files from my HP as I need to return the HP to the firm and get a new one issued. I assumed that if I "unlink" the folders from DB on the HP that I would be able to then delete the folders on the HP whilst leaving the uploaded folders on DB safely intact. However, what has actually happened is that once the HP has finished re-indexing from the unlinking it has hidden the ******* folders. I presume they are cached somewhere. Has anybody got a clue where and how I can delete them?

2. Based on the above, I now presume that the 120gb of family fun is now 'masterless' on DB. This I presumed could not happen because I was told that there always had to be a master. That way, if I deleted a photo on DB from my iPad it would be re-synced from the master (HP) next time I powered it up, no dramas. However my photo's are now masterless - is that correct? Or does DB have a clever work around?

3. When I get the shiny new iMac I would like to make this the master of that 120gb (and the 30gb currently mastered by the Dell). Is this possible? Do I really care?

Thanks for any advice or guidance.

Mr H


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I have an account but don't really use as I let someone have access to stuff I'd put up there for them and it automatically uploaded a load of stuff from their drive. its backup software but it does have some flaws if you just want to stick stuff up there for safety.

if the folder on the HP was a master copy and set to sync with db then its possible that you've lost the lot on there and using recovery software on the HP to find it might be in order so it can restore to the db account. the only way I know is to remove db then delete the db folder which is left on the pc if you no longer want it.

Data recovery tool for Windows 8, 7, Vista, Server 2003/2008, XP, 2000 and NT file scavenger has probably bee the most usefull to me over the years.

I'm not sure but it shoudl be possible to write protect the files online to prevent deletion.

meantime this might help - https://www.dropbox.com/help/296/en

Mr Happy

Hi mate, nothing is lost, it's all there as I can view from iPad or infact by using my HP online to 'surf my account'.

I experimented with a small folder before doing all 120gb. What is sprising is for most of my delinked folder tree has gone, not all of it has. Weirdly.

But nevertheless, the Cache location (Q1) and answer to the other questions would still be appreciated by some cyber-geek...

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