Drop Zone Supplies

Outstanding service from these guys, I ordered two Dobi bags online from them yesterday and today they arrived. :eek:

Brilliant service. :D

Edit due to spastic fingers.
Seconded, I got the old school tropical Trs, delays in production but was kept informed
u_didnt_c_me_i_wasnt_ther said:
top man aswell, ex military (more experience then you can shake a stick at) so he knows the score.
Yes Nick is a good man and always gives me a good discount on any kit but for Fcuk don’t have him as a best man at your wedding unless your really in to gay speeches.
Sorry mate we just can’t let you live that one down. :lol:
gorilla said:
DZ supplies are very good, are those tropicals any good?
exactly as advertised, old style, material, colours. great bits of kit.


Kit Reviewer
Just ordered a new small crown beret (in a fetching shade of khaki) from their phone sales dept. Very friendly and helpful service.


Kit Reviewer
And it arrived this morning by registered post - now that is service!
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