Drop outs?

Hey all,

I'm due to start basic training on the 7th of march and been scouting around the forum for any information i can get about basic good and bad, so i was wondering are their any people here that have gone for basic and dropped out.

If so what was the reason for you leaving, also ( this question is for anyone who has done basic ) what was the worse/best things you had to do there.
Why do you want advice from failures?
I dont,

i just wanted to know the reason they failed what did they find so hard that they could not go on, it's just so i can get any info from people who has done it themselfs the people who did it and the ones that didnt

My other question was open to anyone who has completed basic
I did my basic training about 12.5 years ago. I quite enjoyed it and personnally didn't find it that hard but then I was pretty fit. I didn't like the BS (but compared to my B3 combat engineer training it was minimal) but then I expected it as I was in training. Training is a very small part of your career which everybody has to go through so just put up with it.

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