Drop of Foam

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by jonwilly, Apr 20, 2006.

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  1. Blokes must have thought' i won't get out of this squeaky clean'. :oops:
  2. Now I know why we have fire hoses in the hanger and not a foam system like this.
  3. Done as an intentional test, the USAF claim, but misrepresented as a FUBAR to make a more amusing spam e-mail.


    If there was a fuel or oil fire, I know which I'd prefer to have. Hit the red button from a safe distance or go in to an enclosed space with a hose?

    Foam inlets are common on oil tank storage rooms, oil boiler installations, ships, etc., for this reason. You can get lost and ashyxiate under the foam blanket, apparently, since it excludes the oxygen so effectively. This makes me to suspect that the test didn't go entirely to plan, since there were people in the hangar.
  4. Err, take a drive through wallop and you should see the big silver cylinder containers outside the AH hangar - I do believe it is a foam system. Not sure how or if it was tested?

    Testing the electric fence was done when someone touched the gate that had been incorrecly wired into the fence - Ouch -
    Well that's the RUMOUR I heard.
  5. I believe that all the AH hangers have this system, and there was a "malfunction" as JW mentioned. Can't remember whether it was at Dishforth or Watters.
  6. Dishforth mi memory says.
  7. Please tell me it was 664's hanger. :lol:
  8. So is it getting that bad that there renting out the hangers for massave foam partys now. Looks just like the bbc on a sat night