Im a REME tiffy wanting to do a degree in Radiology, The RAMC run a degree in Birmingham once a year and it lasts for 3 years. If I was allowed to re badge to RAMC I'd have to drop to Cpl to do the course, I dont care about the rank as Its my ambition in life to do a Radiology degree, but I care about the pay. Would I drop in pay thus wrecking my pension making the whole idea not worth it? Any help please nobody seems to have a clear answer!

You would mark time at your current rate of pay (when you started the course) for two years. Then drop, to what ever was applicable.

Pension wise shouldn't be affected.... as long as you have held your current rank for the minimum period (one year IIRC) at substansive.
Last year there were three Sgt's accepted at their current rank, i know because i was one of them. The degree is a Radiography degree - Radiology would take a lot longer! I know the Navy allow for rank to be kept but as usual we're kept in the dark ages. The NHS banding equivalent side of things makes sense for the drop in rank, although it gives no respect to time served in the army which i don't agree with. Mr frog is right about pension rights so you should be fine but if you want to know more about the rank you would drop to you are best speaking to the heads of CEG etc. Any questions give me a PM as i was a REME transfer also.
Are you quite sure he would not be losing money, how can he be paid as a Staffy, if he is wearing the rank of Cpl, as he is voluntary reverting his rank, not just re-trading.

Just my first thought without checking and regulations.
Who mentioned him not losing money? You're completely right that a voluntary transfer would incur a pay drop however the person would be on standstill of pay for two years. Then he would drop to whatever pay band in that rank is applicable, as far as i'm aware they drop you to increment level one in said rank.
If he was a SSgt, and has to drop a rank in a new trade, he wears the new rank (or old one :) ) and is still paid as a SSgt for TWO years (with no IP).

At the end of that two years he drops pay.... NOT neccesarily to level 1. But to a level that reflects his experience in that rank, so he could end up as a top level increment at that rank. After all he will have spent time as a CPl prior to Promotion.

I think.
If he is on MTRP then he is not losing manye (straight away), unless of course they forget to put the 'Flag' on your JPA Record. It's not a if Glasgow forget to do that now, is it?

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