Drop in Fitness

Some advice please ...

been doing steady state 4-5 miles 3 or 4 times a week with a session fartlek thrown in ..
and a couple of 8 mile tabs with 15-20kg once a week.

all of a sudden im hanging out of my arse doing 3 miles tab or 20 mins into a steady state run ..

Any ideas ?
Yup, basically you have 'peaked' and now your body needs a break. Basically fitness goes up and down like a hospital heartrate monitor. But eventually you need to give your body a rest. 9 days or so of doing nothing (Except stretching, just supplement your fitness activities for stretching sessions, and make sure you eat healthily) should do you well, then begin training again, but start at the half-way point of where you previously left off.

So if you previously were doing 6 mile runs, rest and stretch for 9-14 days, then begin training again starting back at 3-4 mile runs.

Then when it inevitably happens again in the future, after you have worked yourself up to running 10 milers for example. Cut it, have a break for 14 days, then start again running 5-6 milers.

To summarize, you feel like this because your body is fucked and wants a break!

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