Drone. Iran. America. Use these words in a sentence.

I could try making a sentence out of those words, but my dictionary doesn't recognise Ameria. ;-)
Yeah, I know... Can't edit it either.

Edit:- oooh, yes I can!
Iran.."We,ve got your Drone"

Septic.."No you have,nt"

Iran.."Yes we have"

Septic.."No you have,nt

Iran.."Yes we Have"

ad nauseam


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Drones get lost, they crash, they disappear. No-one really gives a stuff because they are relatively cheap, and of course don't contain any people.

I can well believe that a UAV that was lost by someone has been recovered by someone else. It's hardly going to stop any US deployment in the Gulf though.
Looking at how low-tech (barring optics etc) the ScanEagle is I doubt the US are too concerned even if it was one of theirs. Of note is that other gulf nations also operate the drone as well.
As stated in the report, other countries in the Gulf area use em, so what Manley said
That's at odds with Wiki and other online sources though...
The Chinese got a nice collection of lost Tomahawks that came down over Iran during the assorted Gulf Wars.
I imagine someone is spluttering through their falafel 'oy vey iz mir, we've gone and lost another US donation'.
Flight control system hacked by a baddie geek and brought down to land on convenient Iranian runway?

Maybe it's a Trojan drone and is spreading spores to convert Persians into fans of bacon sarnies?


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This is clearly a propeller from USS John Stennis which means the Iranians have actually captured a Nimitz class nuclear powered supercarrier and the cunning FARS News Agency is putting out disinformation claiming it is a small radio controlled plane.

USS Stennis propellor.jpg

I am shocked. In the past FARS has been entirely trustworthy and honest. And now they lie to us? Shocked.

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