Drogs Vs Roonster

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by nips, Dec 21, 2006.

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  1. Drogba

  2. Rooney

  1. I believe Drogba is a much more rounded player than Wayne rooney will ever be.

  2. mostly Arsenal fans then?
  3. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    They're both bellends.
  4. Drogba is the player Rooney wishes he could be
  5. Voted Rooney because he is British - oh sorry, English. :oops:
  6. You need to step away from those drains. No doubt Drogba has improved this season, but he is still not fit to clean Rooneys boots. Ask yourself who you would rather have playing for your country. NWST Rooneys feisty temperament, would you want a pansy fcuknuts who goes down easier than Jordan after a bottle of Taboo? Or a combative and skillful gutsy player who does so much more than lead the line.

    The question is laughable.
  7. On current form Drogba smashes Rooney, plus he's a more versitile player you can pop him up front on his own, in a pair up front or even in defense like we did the other night.

    Rooney is no doubt a world class player but just not as rounded and versitile as the Drog plus Rooney is a bit of a tosser if you ask me, have a shave Rooney!!
  8. You know that you don't realy mean that. Rooney is a genuine world class act, and is 21 years old. Come on, you'd love to have hm at Chelski. Your opinion is skewed by your fanship. I, however, can be objective because I detest Chelski AND Manyoo...
  9. they're both crap. peter crouch rules :)
  10. Honestly I do mean it we're talking of 2 world class players it's just Drogba is one banging them in and two he can play in the same positions as Rooney as well as others if the team need him to, he just offers that little bit more.

    Granted Peter Crouch did rule for a bit and even won me over but Rafa tha Gaffa and his insightful team selection soon put a stop to that run of form!
  11. cos i was completely serious ;)
  12. It's alright mate, I twigged it. You know how thick these Chelski fans are.. :wink: :oops:
  13. i should have said El Hadj Diouf. then even wedgy would have got it :D
  14. Drogba has hit a purple patch and is no doubt a quality player, but form is temporary and class is permanent, and Rooney has class in spades...

    And Drogba is a self confessed cheat