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DRM 10 compatible

Can some one explain this to me in plain english please, is it a real must to have when looking to purchase a new MP3 player or just a benefit if it comes with it.
It really depends where you are going to get your music from.
My personal opinion is that it is simply a "nice to have"

Basically DRM 10 (Digital Rights Management) is a copy protection system by Microsoft that allows people to copy protect there music, this would only be playable on a machien that supported DRM10 AND had the appropriate license. The idea being that you the pay the artist for the license.

If you are going to be digitising most of your own musci from CD's you own *cough cough, then this is not an issue. However if you are going to subscribe to some musci download service, it may be an issue, or become one more and more in the future
Cheers for the information,
oh course i should have realised that it had something to do with downloading music whilst paying for it ! , i of course will go out now and look for something that has this capabiltity :wink:


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