Discussion in 'RLC' started by jonny_bored_bollox, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. Was driving round PRB the other day, DRLC happened to be visiting.

    I couldnt help but notice all the very interesting stands/displays etc that Regts had put on for DRLC.

    Most were the norm, "This is what we do, but you already know that cause youre a Loggie" type shite, untill I passed the cinema and to my horror it looked like the fighting sixth had decided to reinstate slavery!! They had only gone and got half a dozen commenwealth soldiers dressed in 2,s trs with 2's shirts(dont know the correct dress code) looking like something out out the past(Or is this the future?)

    I know about being PC but they could have had a token white man.

    Anyone else see this or interesting story about DRLC visit.
  2. They could of bidded for a token white man on E-Bay
  3. ARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH there goes ebay again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I can actually visualize your avatar saying that
  5. What were they doing jonny, just opening doors or were they waiting on at coffee?
  6. Stood around by some tents and camnets, didnt hang around to see what "Job" they had.
  7. Thing is that all 3 regts there have large numbers of FCO soldirs, so its quite normal, mind you the dress thing sounds weird, possibly the smartest form of dress for the day? Generally I think PRB sucks and it seems that most in PRB share that feeling!!
  8. Its what you make it, Sucks for the singlies that dont want to venture out of camp, but hey I dont care "Im livin the dream"!!!

    Been in PRB a fair few years now so know what its like.
  9. You are spot on there! The distance into town is too far/expensive, but what they need to do is actually go into Germany proper and have fun away from PRB, Club 47 et al. Public transport is good and you cam get PRI minibuses etc. Get some tents and FO to anywhere and have a laff!
  10. FO to anywhere and have a laff????? Firstly they get lost getting out of the camp gates secondly they dont know how to have a laff!
  11. Might have been hard to find the token white guy,

    was in the schoool last week and looking at recent photo's of supplier courses- a course of 19 and 12 of them were commonwealth soldiers.

    they bring so much joy!

    welcome to the corp
  12. there are reason y there was only a few tents and reason y there were no white tokens in 2s
  13. But did DRLC actually learn anything he didn't already know. He should vbisit the place in civvies and alone around 2230 any Friday or Sat night, he would learn a lot more then!!
  14. How fed up must DRLC (and assorted bigwigs) be with walking around the same old stands with the same old camnets...... every bloody time..

    Anyone got an ideas for an 'original' visit program?? Dancing girls, Snake charming?
  15. How about, nothing, just a walk around the unit doing what it does every day - warts and all!! Likely? I think not!!