Discussion in 'RLC' started by BaggyInBlack, May 19, 2005.

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  1. Heard it on good faith that the DRLC checks out ARRSE. Says he gets some surprisingly good facts from it.
    Anyone know his logon name here :twisted:
  2. Woah there BiB - we can't go "outing" individual users regardless of how senior. Or do the mods disagree?
  3. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    The only outing on here is to the funny farm.

    Even the mods don't know who is who.
  4. If DRLC does look at ARRSE, I would imagine he is disappointed at the state of the RLC forum.

    General Melchett has improved things somewhat with the inclusion of trade-related "stickies" (although he appears to deliberately be excluding Movement Control :evil: ).

    The problem still remains that there is not enough diversity in the posts here, with the average user happier to level derision at the "RLCCHeese" as acertain member refers to the Corps ( :evil: ) rather than use this as an excellent medium for communicating Corps-related matters.

    I, like others, admit to being a forum-whore and roam freely across the whole site, baiting Sigs and Infantry as I go; I do think we should make more of our forum though...
  5. well if its true, he'll have a better idea after visiting ARRSE of how our Regt operates than our CO does.
  6. Surely it's a good thing if most soldiers can't or wont tell him how it is in the flesh, he could do a lot worse than have a nosy around here once in a while.

  7. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Ah, movement controller. Knew I'd forgotten someone.

    If DRLC does squint at the forum we are only a very small proportion of the RLC, no more than say 60?

    A very poor show indeed.

    "Dear DRLC,

    Please can you promote ARRSE via the Stainer to the rest of the RLC.

    Lots of Love,

  8. Fine call sir, fine call...
  9. The problem, I beleive, is that few people actually start topics or even contribute to threads, there seems to be a good many tourists!

    Furthermore can anyone actually explain to me what DRLC (both the man and the HQ) actually do, as I genuinely don't know?
  11. The points you make are fair. I was going to make a sarcastic comment about how you should be DRLC, but you've clearly been thinking about it hard for such a long time that you obviously think you have 'a shot at the title!'.

    On another note about 'what the HQ actually does?', make life difficult for the rest of us seems to be the answer to me. Based on my one experience with DRLC when I looking to help out some young soldiers a butch (and for my money, clearly lesbian) SO3 persisted in quoting rules and regulations at me, because she didn't have the courage just to say no. Or indeed have the flexibility to accept a proposal that was 'out of the box' (no sexual pun intended).

    I suppose MCM Div have got to have somewhere to post Offrs who can't be entrusted to represent the RLC in the wider army.
  12. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I love a good bitch fight, but get back on thread please guys.
  13. If DRLC doesn't get on ARRSE he'll never know what the Corps think.

    Face it when does the appointment leave Dettigen House except to shoot recruits at the Offrs' Mess?
  14. Except when it's dull and I get back off leave, in which case I'll cull it.
  15. Undermanned and over subscribed ring any bells?

    Much of which could be avoided by not taking on so much, not doing so much crap (inf ex / march and shoot in fact anything that detracts from our Corps (sic) focus). As well as not giving away all our blokes to backfill pointless jobs in HQ SLB and the myriad of other black economy jobs. Then of course there are the skiers, boxers and Corps tiddlywinks team, however, the Silver Stars are OK in my book as none of them are actually RLC!