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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Driverman11, Aug 1, 2011.

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  1. Good Afternoon, Last week one of my soldiers ( A Cpl from 4 LSR) was called into the OC and told that he had been awarded a DRLC Commendation for his work developing a training package for the young Pte when he was detached at Leconfield. What does this process entail? What will he recieve? Will he be invited anywhere nice or given anything? His citation is gleeming, Someone please shed some light!
  2. He will receive a £25 gift voucher to be redeemed at Greggs (£25 should just about cover 1 breakfast)
  3. Thanks for that Smudge67er, great help
  4. Usually, framed certificate. Presented at the same time as other things like LSGC, Warrants, etc, in the Mess. Or it could be on a parade for medals or whatever
  5. The DRLC commendation is similar to a Bde Comds Commendation. The person awarded it should be given the same treatment ie COs office or during a Mess Honours and Awards function.

    It comes as a framed certificate.
  6. Unlike most Warrants I've seen over the years.
  7. Or commissions. Get it framed yourself if you are that bothered - they make an interesting talking point hung in the downstairs cloakroom!
  8. Framed Warrants.....that reminds me to ask where the **** mine is seeing as its overdue by 2 years. But if your from a certain hilly region of Asia you seem to get it within months! (little in-Unit bitching there from CH!)
  9. Yeah, and Strima could then get the Parlour Maid to clean it everyday during her chores around Strimas country retreat!!??
    Oh how the rank and file live!
  10. Can't move for the amount of servants round my pad. Must remind Jeeves to wipe my arse later...I have never recieved a warrant, apart from the boys in blue, and never will. But that's a story for another thread.
  11. Somehow or other I managed to get a GOC's Commendation for TELIC 7 but I'm a bit disappointed by the Commendation itself.

    Ive seen others where theyve been presented in lovely guilded frames and the citation comes separate in a lovely Olde Englishe style font.

    Mine is in a cheap and nasty frame and the citation was handed to me afterwards. Its on A4 and full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.Ive stuck it on the back of the commendation frame

    As it might be the only the thing I ever get from my military career which isnt a gizzit I'm considering getting the citation done properly and then mounting them both in better frames; but its niggling in the back of my mind (especially since Ive started posting here!) that this might look a bit Walty.

    What do my dear friends on here think?
  12. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

    I think we can fall into the trap of reverse Waltism. Pretending you didn't get the citation or that it isn't important and interesting is also Walty.

    Get it done and add it to your bogography. It's interesting to any one visiting your loo and if they think its naff putting it in there then they are not really your mates.

    A further thought. If the citation is full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors why not red pen it (a copy) send it back and ask them to change it. Either that or red pen it on a piece of talc and hang it up framed with the red penned talc on top - and see if you can get the twunt responsible round for a drink.
  13. I changed a citation (because it was particualry dull and poorly written) I recieved to the most sexiest and outragous "pull up a sandbag" story that even a true Walt would struggle to carry off. The best bit was holding onto the Apache wing whislt firing torwards the En forces in order to escape from a possible abduction (Royal Signal Style).

    Considering the Citation was from Op Banner and the Heli Escape was an extraction from the Falls Road it made it comedy Waltish, it makes me smile when I'm having a p*ss!
  14. Ive always told Mrs imbiber that when I get out the Mob I'm going to have "an Army room" in the house.

    The bog seems as good a place as any for this.

    Bugger_All, I take your point about reverse Waltism. One part of me says "Its only a Commendation, no big deal", but the other says "**** it, youve not worked for the council for 20 odd years so have a bit of pride in what youve done."

    I'm also prepared for the customary abuse from serving and ex-serving pals when they have an Eartha Kitt in my shrine :)
  15. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

    If possible try and get some of your Mrs's bogography up as well.