Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Bolton_Sig, Jan 14, 2006.

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  1. At the moment i am in phase 2 i have finished my course which is driver lineman, and i am currently learning to drive, you are ment 2 go have 3 chances at driver training ie 3 tests, How ever i have been on driver training 3 times but only done 1 test which i shouldent have done enyway, because i had only learnt the manouvers abt 1/2 n hr before n i was sh*t at them. But the HIO is now refusing to give me another chance at driver training and its ups 2 my Squadron OC 2 decide what 2 do. My Tp Cpl reckons i dont have a chance in hell and i have been told i wont be able 2 do any other job in the army apart from infantry or chef. Can any 1 please tell me the liklyhood of this happening and me being kicked out the signals ?. Any help what so ever would be greatly appreciated thank in advance
  2. When you get booted out of the Sigs do not pick the RLC as a driver.
  3. They'll not throw you out. They'll keep you there until you pass.
  4. dont fcucking worry - in my day the most important aspect of been a linie was the ability to sup loads of Herforder and t*at the RSM
  5. Not true, in the last couple of years i know of about 4 or 5 phase 2 soldiers who have been re-badged due to them not being able to pass their driving test.


    I think there is more to this than what you are letting on to, if you have been on driving 3 times, what has been the problem before?
  6. You do look eminently qualified for the AGC, as your SD is spot on m8
  7. Do yourself a favour and DO NOT become a chef, unless you love getting up at 4 a.m. and never being appreciated. If you have to rebadge and those are your choices then go infantry. At least you can get some tours under your belt, act like an idiot, have a good laugh, not take any responsibility for anything too technically demanding - you'll get to see the world. Then leave after 4 yrs while you're young enough to get a new career. Sorted. To be honest, liney is hardly an interesting job in most units anyway, sitting around in what is effectively a poorly-stocked car pool, dreaming of being a real soldier.
  8. Dont worry too much, it took me a few test attempts to pass cat B.
    Took my first test after 5 days of learning and fcuked it up big time. The learning curve is very steep and its alot to take in.
    Cant understand how you have been on driver training 3 times and only taken 1 test? Did you run someone over on your test?
  9. If you drive the way you spell and write you may as well throw in the towel now and get on the dole.
  10. If you drive the way you spell and write you may as well throw in the towel now and get on the dole.
  11. Hoew the fu ck did that get in there twice??????
  12. I'm surprised you manage to get by with that stutter terdal.
  13. Yes hoew did it? :lol:
  14. You got me on that one PTI. You win the spot the deliberate mistake prize. A frozen jobby (turd)
  15. you could possibly get a job on britains worst driver.....especially like the sentence 'greatly appreciated thank in advance'.
    Liney's (ever heard of the phrase 'sweating like a liney in a spelling test'!!!!!!) you've got to love them.