Discussion in 'Juniors' started by 3942FAB, Apr 23, 2012.

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  1. Can i drive using a FMT 616A? Its my driving test report which says i've passed. Didn't get issued a pass certificate which is why i'm asking.
  2. If you've passed a driving test you can drive on your test pass certificate until you get your proper licence through.

    I believe the Army won't let you drive their vehicles though. At least they wouldn't let me drive a minibus until my new licence came through even though I'd been taught by the same regiment and been tested by an Army examiner. That might have just been our MT SSgt being a jobsworth though.
  3. I havent been issued a pass certificate, i've got the test report which says pass.
  4. So you have a piece of paper that certifies that you've passed your test?
  5. To me and every other Serving member yes, but whos to say Civ Plod will accept it?
  6. Have you passed a test with a properly accredited driving examiner? Yes you have. You have an official document from that examiner saying you've passed. Why wouldn't they accept it?

    Or if you're that worried about it then just don't drive until you get your licence through.
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  7. As jbm said...or even better, pop down to your D&M wing and ask there, or the RMTO's, or the Training Wing!
  8. Safest bet is to wait until you get a licence issued. I seem to recall that if the paperwork doesn't get presented in time then you effectively haven't got a licence.
  9. Ask where your pass cert went. It's quite likely that they sent it off on your behalf. In which case you should get a licence sometime soon.
  10. Has the Test report got any explanatory notes on it?

    Did they take your driving licence off you and say they would forward it to DVLA or anyone else?
  11. Wait till you get your full licence (I assume you've sent your provisional off), otherwise you are "driving other than in accordance with a licence". This is why people have been done for driving when they havn't renewed their licence (even though they've passed a driving test), it's still classed as driving with no current licence.
  12. Yeah they've retained my provisional to be sent off to the DVLA. Going to play it safe I think and wait until either the DVLA have received my license to be processed or I actually receive my shiny pink card.
  13. Have you passed the Theory test already?
  14. Yeah I've done both theory & practical.
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  15. What do you think? :roll:....