Driving without an FMT600

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by The_sharp_edge, Aug 4, 2006.

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  1. Hi All,

    What would happen if someone was riding a military motorbike in the unit or an Ex without a FMT600 but had a CIV licence, And had an accident who would be in the poo the IND the OC or both?

    Thank you
  2. If it was with the OC's consent then I would think it would be both.

    Who or what did you run into?
  3. Thanks,

    ha ha not me just looking out for a friend.
    it looks like a SGT signed the 1001 for a CFN without OC knowing.
    but dose the OC have a dute of care to all under him?
  4. Military Vehicle requires military licence, end of story, that's how it'll be seen. Big oooops alround
  5. Military Vehicle requires military licence, end of story, that's how it'll be seen. Big oooops alround
  6. you need to carry your fmt600 with you at all times.
    along with it being in date.
    you have the correct vehicle that you are driving on it as well.

    failing that if the rmp stop you and you dont have any of the above.
    watch out watch out.
  7. It's also an insurance thing. No FMT, no pay....

    JSP 341 holds all the info you need.
  8. Thanks All,

    Last question dose anyone have an upto datae JSP 341 they can email me?

    Thanks again
  9. try this
  10. check your pm
  11. If the vehicle was taken without the OC's knowledge, then I'd make sure the one taking the vehicle was rather harshly dealt with. Duty of Care cannot extend to someone rbeaking regs and doing something illegal like operating a vehicle without the 600 for it.
  12. I think you will find that if you look at JSP 341 the FMT 600 is not a licence to drive. The offence will have been commited if you were driving or someone was driving without the Work Ticket being authorised by a suitable individual.
  13. Isn't that just typical. The Sgt signs the FMT1001 sending a Cfn out on a bike he didn't have an FMT600 for. When things go wrong everyone cries "Duty of Care" in order to try and dump the blame on the OC!

    If the Sgt signed the FMT1001 he should have checked to make sure that the Cfn had the right permit (FMT600) endorsed for the vehicle AND the right licence for the vehicle class to be driven. So the Sgt is in the poo.

    The Cfn is also in the poo as he should have known that he wasn't FAMed and didn't have the bike on his FMT600. If he said so and the Sgt told him to ride it anyway then it all gets a lot more serious.

    But to try and fish for a grounds to pass the blame off onto the OC who knew nothing about it is just about as low and as gutless as it gets.
  14. The FMT600 is not a licence, but it is a permit. If you haven't had the proper training on an army vehicle even if it is exactly the same as a civilian equivilent, and it is not entered on your permit to entitle you to drive that type of army vehicle, together with the licence for that class of vehicle, you are not permitted to drive it.

    At the very least you are not insured to drive it, and the army can refuse to cover any accident damage or injury claims resulting in any accident...... oh yes, and you'll find yourself in the poo.

    The autherization on the FMT1001 is only to authorize the specific journey, not that the driver is qualified to do it. The back is signed by the driver for that journey to ´confirm that he has read and is complying to JSP341.
  15. Hi Plant-Pilot,

    Thanks for your input my friend is the OC and a very good one at that.