Driving with No tax

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Bossdog, Apr 30, 2008.

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  1. My Road fund licence expires today on my company vehicle. I have been on to the admin office several times a week for the last 6 weeks to remind them about it to no avail. I am the driver but the firm is the keeper.

    I have spoken to the chiefs in my firm and their answer is " Its up to you if you choose to drive the vehicle" - which isnt helpful and kinda insinuates that I should in a decision dodging kinda way.

    Where do I stand on this? I work in the London area where the ANPR cameras are always at the side of a road somewhere. I also park in areas where there are a lot of traffic wardens that will happily grass me up and get my vehicle immediatly clamped and towed for no tax.

    Legally where do I stand? I know there is a 80 squid fine, and its only a civil offence. However am I insured?
  2. I think (stress-think)

    YOure insured, but dont drive it.

    Park in the street and local councils can tow it away. even if parked on street overnight theyll have it.

    ANPR cams everywhere and even local council CCTV can ping you now.

    Get on your company's back - Im not driving it until you sort the tax out.

    and if you end up in court, you can get a record.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Do you really want to work for a company who won't meet their legal obligations?

  4. We had a similar problem with Lex, with them refusing to change bald tyres. Even though we had the police say that they were illegal Lex said they weren’t.
    The Police told us that it's the driver's responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is legal, and if not he will be charged.

    Took a letter to Lex stating that the drivers were refusing to drive the vehicles as they weren't "fit for purpose" as described in their contract.

    Bottom line - the driver is responsible in the eyes of the law.
  5. No tax means no insurance, so even driving for one day without will up the charge if caught.
  6. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    True as stated and as mentioned - no tax = no insurance.
  7. It gets a bit more serious. A council is able, if they want to, to crush any vehicle on public roads without tax. It happened a few times in MK, even one case where the guy did have tax but just didn't have the disk in the window, car got crushed.

    Refuse to drive it until it has been sorted
  8. My bold,
    Sorry mate thats not true, the vehicle still remains insured even without tax, although if you had a bump or the car was nicked the insurance company may well try and wriggle out of paying by saying it shouldn't have been on the road. However as far as the Police are concerned car is still 'technically' insured.
    As for the firm refusing to sort it they would be just as liable for any fine. When the Police report a untaxed,expired tax disc on form CLE2/6 there are seperate sections for the driver and the owner/keeper. Rest assured DVLA will HEAVILY fine both parties. My advice don't drive it without tax could cost big time....
  9. With a company vehicle, the driver is not responsible for the administration of it. That is the responsibility of the manager/transport manager, which I am.
    If you get pulled, just say that the company has been informed. End of.
    If you refuse to drive the vehicle you could be sacked.
  10. Park it in the street, phone the council annoymooosly reporting an unlicensed vehicle, wait for it to be towed. Phone boss to tell them it's been nicked! :D

    If you knowingly drive an unlicensed vehicle and get caught; you will get in the shoite! I think one of the only exceptions is to drive a motor to a garage/MOT test centre for preparation/examination.

    I declared SORN before Iraq, I needed to MOT/re-tax on return. I had a letter from the DVLA saying that I had permission to drive my car from it's current location to the garage nearest to my address. I was in Germany at the time; a well worded letter can get you out of a world of trouble! :)
  11. Wouldn't that be wrongful dismissal under this circumstance?
  12. Like to see them back that up in court, Unlicensed vehicle is one thing, failling to display another. IIRC you can and are allowed to drive a vehicle without displaying a valid disc, if its stolen or defaced and are awaiting a replacement. Also some vehicles do not need to display a tax disc or even have one, any guesses which ones?
  13. It would, but you would have to wait to get into court to prove it.
    Take the easy option and let the management take the strain.

    We run several leased vehicles, and the leasing company are responsible for the road tax. Sometimes its late coming through, but I can't take the vehicles off the road because of it.
    We have been pulled in the past, but we've never been booked for it.
  14. That should not happen in this day and age.
    A police vehicle has a second officer in it these days, who has access to the vehicle database. Within seconds he can check if a vehicle is taxed, mot'd or insured.
  15. Urban myth, because its your numberplate not your taxdisk which holds the details of any road duty paid (or not)