Driving vs Mobiles

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FlyingCarpet, Dec 2, 2003.

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  1. So come on....who's been caught by the Police whilst using their phone? And what did they say? Any points or just a fine?

    I heard that in the North East only one person was caught yesterday.

    Any thoughts on the matter?
  2. Don't just Arrest the Cnuts, put them up against the wall and shoot them. The number of Dosy Cows on phones who meander around in their over-sized jeeps, whilst taking little lord Fontleroy to prep school and in so doing nearly kill me by knocking me off my bike.

    A car is a big, dangerous hurty thing and when someone is driving it would be nice if they could concentrate.

    And don't get me started on Mopeds ..................rant rant rant
  3. El_Pato,

    Not everyone should be put in the above catagory. Some people can only do one thing at a time, some can do more it's just the way things are.

    I think it's important to understand that some people will be able to do two things at once and it not have a detrimental effect on their driving. A sensible option would be for Police to 'tail' someone who they spot using their phone and as soon as they show any slightest deterioration in concentration or position keeping, they should be had.
  4. Well said Flying Carpet!

    I for one am quite capable of driving, talking on a mobile, swigging 20 pints of wifebeater and watching telly whilst driving, yet the plod still bother me with the trivialities of such legislation....
  5. Will they be able to shoot them then? Or at least put them in stocks in the town square?
  6. I'm up for bringing back the gallows! :D
  7. what will you do ?

    piss over their faces or w@nk til you cum over their faces :lol:
  8. Make the sods listen to their own stupid, repetitive, downright bloody irritating ringtones for 24hrs straight. You can wash vespas effluvia off but the psychological damage of ringtones will last a lifetime. :twisted:
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Oh dear!
  10. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Are the Plod exempt whilst using their in-car radio?

    As round this neck of the wood, they are always alone so they have to use their radios whilst driving!

    One rule for one and another rule for another!
  11. Intriguing point Q! What about those "breaker breaker, I got a smokey on my six" type Truckers with their CBs?

    I suppose you don't have to dial with a cb. Or do you?
  12. Apparently, mobile radio, where there is a physical connection to the handset, i.e. a curly-wurly cable, is exempted from this legislation, so the Fuzz can keep on chatting. :roll:
  13. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator


    There's a specific frequency range in the legislation - mobile phones included, two way radios not.

    I'm with you on the punishment for the 4X4, we-don't-need-this-type-of-vehicle-for-any-reason-other-than-it's-swanky brigade. :)
  14. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Unless of course it is to tow a boat on a trailer around, not that I tow a boat around every day but I do occasionally, and they are bastard difficult to launch without reversing half of your car into the lake/river and 4x4's are much higher up....

    Or to go X-country, not that you'll see me X-country cos you're commuting to work but I do go X-country a few times a year (about as many times as you might put the roof down on your convertible that you persuaded yourself was worth the extra 20% over the basic model).

    Or I might want a 4x4 because it's a sensible height for putting babies in to the back of without bending over holding a baby, it's car chair and a random stuffed toy. That's why work benches are waist height and not down by your knees, so it's convenient rather than painful.

    Or I might like to know that when involved in an RTA, you'll be coming off worse. Weight + momentum = victory....

    Or lastly, because I can see over all the other traffic and drive more easily with more warning of up and coming traffic problems.
  15. I can see there being a problem with being on the phone of you have a manual box. Changing gear whilst steering is not a one handed operation. However, if you drive an automatic, you only need one hand to steer with....leaving the other free to hold your phone, stratch your balls etc.

    I know you're supposed to steer with 2 hands ( ten to two and all that cr*p) but I like to spin the wheel with the palm of my hand!!! Maybe I'm just a great driver. I've never been in any accidents.......I've seen quite a few in my rear view mirror though.........