Driving to UK before tax free car is BFG

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by kevz, Nov 12, 2009.

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  1. Hi people,

    I really need help with some quick replies. Basically i am on a 5 week course in the UK and just got my tax free car and had it for 2 weeks now. My BFG office said not to worry about it and that the bfg plates and docs should be in by end of the 13th Nov. Well tomorrow is that day and i am really worried about it because i took their word for it.

    If it does not come in tomorrow, is there any way of driving back to the uk with the uk plates still on for 5 weeks?
  2. I would really ask the BFG office.
  3. The problem is with my BFG office is that the usual civi that works there is away and there is a new army lad in her chair running the BFG office for a while. He doesnt know much about the process and he says just keep waiting which is no help for me. Please someone with experience answer my question.

  4. Main thing to make certain is that you are insured to drive on UK roads.We declared car on return from BFG & were stopped from leaving Felixstowe until we took out extortionate cover.Pitfall of being honest 8O
  5. Call Jan she will know

    Jan Rowland
    +49 (0)2161 472 2037
  6. yes i have got insurance to cover me all over EU countries including the Uk.

    So that means im good to drive back to the Uk with my car still in the process of getting BFG? And all i have to do is extend my BFG process for another 30 days till i get back?
  7. You have 30 days to register a car from date of arrival (new or old).

    I am presuming from you message that you have already done this and you are waiting for your Form 73 and plates.

    If this is the case you would have been given a proof of posting (for your documents) and you are able to drive using this document until your s are returned.

    However your best bet is to contact the BFG helpline JHQ Mil Ext 4100 Civi (02161) 472 4100. If unmanned which it usually is leave a German contact number
  8. ay?

    How did you manage that? Never had a problem. You get Europe wide cover including Britain.
  9. I was under the impression that you had 60 days to export your car! Then once you're in Germany you register it ASP, if you're then posted back to UK you've got 2 weeks to register it.
  10. Not sure about the UK side but once you arrive in BFG you have 30 days to register it
  11. i have already started registering the car to BFG, and they said the docs and number plate should be in by end of this week which is doubtful. My car transport of means dont expire till 31 Dec 2009.

    My course ends on the 18th dec and i should be back on the 19th Dec.

    So does that mean i can still drive back to the Uk without my BFG number plates?

    I have also found this info from my audi company.

    What are the restrictions on vehicles been exported to another EU country?
    You are entitled to use the vehicle free of UK taxes for destinations within the EU subject to the following:
    Your stay in the UK must not exceed two months from the date of delivery. You and the vehicle must leave the UK within the two month period, failure to do so will render you liable to the unpaid VAT, and possibly forfeiture of the vehicle and/or a fine. Upon arriving at your destination within the EU the vehicle must be declared and duties paid. If you are a member of HM Forces and posted to Germany, you are entitled to purchase one new car per year, however, the vehicles must be registered with the BFG Licensing Authority for one full year before they can be disposed of without incurring penalties for premature disposal. The exception to this is when the entitled person moves to the UK on permanent transfer of residence – posting. Contact M25 Audi Tax Free Sales for further details.
  12. Do you have a proof of posting document

    And regardless of what people say on here doesn’t mean its necessarily right or you will be able to use it as a defence

    “But some anonymous poster on ARRSE said I could do it” doesn’t wash as an excuse

    Phone the BFG helpline
  13. yeah i guess the only right people to say whats right and wrong would be the BFG office. But sometime its good to get info. from people who have experienced this sort of situation before because my BFG office is useless.

    Thnx anyway for all the help guys and girls.
    much appreciated.......Cheers!
  14. If you're not registered then you should not be driving the vehicle on the road and your insurance becomes invalid. "Proof of Postage" is only if your BFG Form 73 was indate (registration and Roadworthiness) at the time of application.
  15. Ring the BFG helpdesk, I can't find the number at the minute, but you will get it from your BFG office, ring them and you'll get the full correct answer.

    Edited for being a mong.