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Have managed to get a two year posting to Cyprus and me and the wife want to drive over from Germany. Has anyone recently done this journey and know of any good ferry operators? Or any reason not to drive over as it's a nightmare?


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Lord_Vetinari said:
Have managed to get a two year posting to Cyprus and me and the wife want to drive over from Germany. Has anyone recently done this journey and know of any good ferry operators? Or any reason not to drive over as it's a nightmare?

There used to be quite a lot of people who did the journey in reverse at the end of their tour. I believe there's a ferry to Italy from Larnaca.

That's not really what I want to give you a heads up on though. You might want to check out how much the Cypriot tax man might want to take off you for importing your car into the country.

I had to sell my lovely shiny Audi because he wanted in excess of ten grand off me. I settled for a manky old Jap car to run around in for my tour then took a new Jap one back to UK - selling it as soon as I could (6 months later) and bought a lovely shiny Audi again.

It's a few years ago but worth checking out.


If you do decide to purchase a new car in Cyprus prior to being posted back to UK be prepared to lose money on it as any dealer will treat the car as a grey import. I have seen lots of people get stung in this way.
The COC (certificate of conformity) which is given to you from the dealer should go some way to address the problem. UK car dealers are always looking at ways to fleece the customer.

As are Cypriot car dealers and Spanish ones and Italian ones..............etc etc.
Lord Vetinari,

It's also worth finding out how much the re-registering fees are too.

I imported a 2.0L and was charged the princely sum of £Cy500.00!

Not as bad as some though, 2.8L Shogun - nigh on £Cy2500!!!

The Cypriots are a wonderful friendly nation who adore your money...............


I drove from Cyprus to UK some years ago at the end of a posting.

Ferry Larnaca to Greece, drive across Greece, then ferry to Trieste (Italy), then drive up through Austria, Germany etc - had a relaxing 2 week holiday on way. Made use of various US military family (AAFES) hotels on way - good value.

Recommend it to anyone
I think passenger ferries to Greece/Italy have been suspended.
Comments about importing cars above are all spot on.
As for buying tax free out here - I wouldn't bother. The deals that I have seen aren't that good, and in many cases can be equalled with a bit of research in UK.


While I was in Cyprus there was an information leaflet being circulated detailing problems with, and methods of, driving to and from Cyprus. Your new unit's MTWO may have up to date information.

As far as the import tax goes, as long as all the paperwork is compleetd correctly and the vehicle is for your own use then it will be (or used to be anyway) tax free. SBA customs in Akrotiri will have the current information and were always very helpful when it came to queries.
DO IT!!!...

I've done it twice :) and thoroughly enjoyed it.

First time drove through Germany, Austria, Yugoslavia, Greece and got the boat from Piraeus to Larnaca and back. This was pre Yugoslav break up, but it may be an option again now that things seem more settled in the Balkans.

Second time I got the boat from Larnaca to Piraeus drove through Greece and got a boat from Igoumenitsa (I think) to Bari drove through Italy France and back to UK. Took the the best part of a month to do this and do all the sights.

Had a brill time on both occasions, highly recommended, just make sure you've got enough leave to make a holiday of it.
L_V, have you turned homo?

I remember when no planning would have been necessary, just get in your rickety old banger and off to Wokingham paying no heed to drunkeness or small bridges!!

That being said I wonder if I can claim some compo on that sore neck I got? Do I have to pay you back for bruises incurred on the bridge by the Poacher?!!

Ah, those were the days, 4 smashes in as many months I somehow seem to recall. No wonder you haven't invited me along on the drive!!


AFAIK the ferry from Piraeas to Limassol/Larnaca is for freight only. Know of people who done the reverse journey but had to fly from Cyprus to Greece and then collect their car from the ferry.

Check on the net for details about tax and registering the vehicle. This can be very costly.

You will also have to check with your new UAO regarding entering Cyprus not via an SBA on initial posting. You should be ok, however customs stamps etc are issued at Akrotiri for new arrivals on island. Don't know what the provisions are for those arriving outside the SBAs.


I would have the cash readily accessible when arriving at the port. You may find that the car will not be released/cleared through customs until the money is paid.

Best bet would be to speak to the Master Driver at HQBFC.
A chap in our regiment did it years ago on his own & his wife & kids flew out after him. He did take the pet 'Rabbit' with for company & because it wouldn't survive the flight. Everything went well, folowing the routes which has already been mentioned. When he got to Cyprus & started to go through customs, is where it went a bit wrong 8O Not with the Rabbit, who's paper work were perfect, but his own. So they let the Rabbit in, but not him 8O Only in Cyprus.

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