Driving theory tests

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Operator, Feb 24, 2005.

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  1. I've just had the pleasure of taking my LGV (Cat C) theory test and whilst I passed, some others who are more experienced drivers, didn't

    The bit that caught people was the hazard perception test. I'm thinking is this entirely necessary, if someone has been driving for a set period (eg 5yrs) would it not be fair to say they can spot hazards on the road? And so waive this part of the test?

    Not entirely sure where this is going now, but what are your experiences and what would be the ideal solution?
  2. Surely if that where true, then the 'others who are more experienced drivers' would have passed the test?


  3. I've been a car driver since 1970.
    For 15 years I drove 36,000 mileseach year on all sorts of uk toads.
    With the kids in my life taking their tests I thought I'd
    have a go on the perception cd's.
    I only just passed.

    Oh the shame.

    But I really wonder how some drivers pass.
    It ain't just the lack of driving skill it's the lack of thought/understanding that gets me- and don't start me on middle lane motorway drivers!
    Bah grumble grumble
  4. I think it's harder as you drive more as yuo know what will be a hazard and what won't. It's a different mentality to that of a brand new learner.
  5. and those arrseholes who go tearing along the motorway at speeds in excess of 100mph, just inches infront of my front bumper.