Driving Test Scam Uncovered

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by SparkySteve, Jun 23, 2007.

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  1. From the BBC:

    Having taken my Theory Wednesday with my Practical Monday (Second time round for both, damn speed cameras) i can vouch for that story and say a minimal of checks are conducted. I was only required to bring my Provisional License as a form of ID.

    Judging by the quality of driving down South, i could suggest a few Towns / areas where this scam is going on.....
  2. I've just seen this on the news as well. It really doesn't surprise me at all. There are surely some easy ways to counteract this, such as taking the fingerprints of the individual (once they've taken the test), they can be cross referenced to prevent an individual taking more than one test. Also if a driver has an accident they can have their prints taken at the scene and they can be cross referenced with the DVLA to see if it was them who have taken the test.

    It sickens me that people see it as a right to be able to drive and go to these lengths to enable themselves to do it. The same goes for all of the untaxed, unlicenced and mot'd drivers! :x
    Or merely that the mysterious precence of a speed camera pointed at you in the test centre caused you to fail your theory!?!?

    Head in hands, Gawd help us. :D
  4. I assume the retake was because he got 6 points in a short time after first passing his test?

    The driving test thing has been going on for years and there are good suggestions to combat this , finger prints etc etc.Problem is that no doubt people will start to scream Human Rights if you make them give fingerprints to obtain a licence. No doubt asking who else would have access to them.
  5. Oh really, nothing new here.
    Tomorow a minister will tell us that ID cards will remedy the problem.
    Nobody seems to recognise media manipulation of the public these days, expect a slow build up of little news items like this to give Uncle Gordon the leverage required to introduce ID cards as part of his time in office
  6. Old news this, If you new the right types back 20 years ago, you could by a licence no problem and no one would do a test for you.
  7. I passed my test on the 5th go, after 70 plus lessons. If I could have got somebody to cheat it for me, I probably would, I was that desperate, but now I am glad I didn't. Those who cheated probably lose their licenses more often than those who sweat it out, especially in todays world where you get three points just looking at a traffic warden in a funny way.
  8. For starters they need to remove the ability to gain a provisional licence by post...

    A potential driver should have to turn up in person to get the licence, details of the driver (finger print maybe?) and the photo can taken on the spot and a photo credit card type licence printed and issued there and then with the paper part going in the post. The driver’s details can then be uploaded to DVLA's computer from the issuing office, something similar to the MOT system now in use.

    I would improve the test centres to carry out this function by increasing and training staff as required. I would also consider making it a requirement to take the test at the same test centre that issued the provisional licence.

    There’s also a requirement to increase the possible penalty for this scam as well, not only should the individuals be prosecuted for fraud, which it undoubtly is, they should also receive a substantial driving ban as well, 2 years for starters and the impostor being banned for at least 4 years. The impostor should also be made to re-take the test.

    Any involvement in the attempt by a Driving School should automatically lead to the school losing all DoT Licences etc and an investigation into the validity of the Driving Licences held by instructors and pupils alike.
  9. Or simply make the driving test an actual test of driving skill and ability rather than an esoteric range of driving related tasks designed so that a given percentage 'fail'
  10. This is old, old news - this scam has been highlighted time again over the past 10 to 15 years. Its just another area of criminality where "they" (the government) have made no attempt to do anything about it. Its easier to make the dwindling law-abiding public pay to cover the cost of road accidents, insurance swindles, benefit & nationality fraud.
  11. The real driving test scam is that ridiculous hazard awareness 'test' they've brought in
  12. Maybe the government have made it too expensive to become a driver in this country?

    Imagine if you depended on driving for work and public transport wasn't an option.
    It costs alot of money to learn how to drive (£20+ per lesson?), insurance for new drivers is insane and then theres all the taxes and cost of petrol on top of that.

    Paying the full cost of becoming a law abiding driver isn't possible for more and more people.

    Not that I'm in anyway condoning people who drive with out insurance or break the law.
  13. You have to be a complete moron to pay somebody to take countless lessons then do the test for you. What happens when you get your licence then jump in a car and have to figure out what pedals what :?

    As said above when you first go in to get your provisional you should be fully checked out then and on subsiquent lessons then a test have spot checks. The ones falsely taking the test illegally banned for ten years and five years for paying somebody to do it. Prisons cant cope as it is so no point jail terms.

    Many moons ago when I did my HGV1 I had gone round the test route and came up to a filter right traffic light lane. As I was stopped another HGV came down the left hand lane which was on green and clipped my mirror to lots of abuse from the examiner at the driver who sped off. Parked up a few minutes later to lots of praise on my driving and no ticks in my boxes well done. But unfortunately you've failed the test because you were involved in an RTA. The Warrant officer who took me on it got me on a cancellation two days later because he was just as pissed off as me which I passed ok
  14. It would account for a number of the private hire drivers around my neck of the woods having a licence when they display the driving skills more usually associated with Islamabad. And the accent................

    Sad but true.
  15. FFS it's not rocket science but then again most driving examiners seem to be elderly types with glasses...