Driving Test Centres To Be Axed.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ALVIN, Feb 4, 2011.

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  1. SKY News are reporting today that Driving test centres could soon be a thing of a past in the U.K.

    Leaked documents suggest the Driving Standards Agency is looking at plans to close down test centres and use private firms as "delegated examiners".

    The new plans could see examiners based at supermarkets and community centres.

    The Public and Commercial Services union says it has seen leaked documents showing that the DSA is exploring several options to lower its costs.

    The plans follow moves by the Government to study ways of providing driving tests more efficiently at a lower cost and whether they could be undertaken by other organisations inside or outside of the public sector, said the PCS.

    General secretary Mark Serwotka said: "These new documents shed more light on the plans being hatched behind closed doors by senior managers and ministers.

    "Worryingly, it is the latest evidence of the creeping privatisation of the agency's work, which puts ideology before road safety."

    My own view is that this is yet another mad move by government of privatisation for all the wrong reasons, and it is sure to bring with it all sorts of logistical nightmares if this move is ever implicated.

    Government is wrong to shred its responsibility in this matter.

    Bribes, corruption, and offers of sexual favours will become rife in this sector of the motoring world.

    There would be a lack of "standardisation" and who would police it ??
  2. Excellent. Where do I join?
  3. How did i guess that would be the first witty answer ?? L.O.L
  4. You want to see what my local girly RAC recruiter has to offer.................
  5. Ideology before road safety

    Yet another union muppet rep/leader attempting to justify his existence
  6. With a handle like your you'll probably never need a union. Those DSA examiners about to lose their jobs might. Anyway, 007 drove an Aston Martin. :eye:
  7. The Tories are in power so it'll go to a company with shareholders to give them loads of dosh.
  8. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke On ROPs Book Reviewer

    Splendid idea. Whats more, an anual driving test for over-40's should be compulsory.

  9. Anual test or **** test???
  10. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    So you are saying that there is more chance of "bribes, corruption and offers of sexual favours" because a plc is running it instead of the Civil Service? What complete tosh (And this from a Civil Servant).

    I remember the horror at the thought of The Post Office Telecomms bit being privatised as BT. Within a year, the waiting time for getting a 'phone fitted in a house dropped from many months to a few weeks. The general rule is - non-essential public services are simply not efficient, as they don't have to be.

    And please, please remember this: the last (Labour) Government has completely bankrupted the Nation; every single child born in the UK this year and last was for example saddled with £17,000 of debt at birth, due to Brown borrowing against the earnings of future generations in order to buy votes. This has to be paid off - and this is one of the ways of doing it. I'm sure that there are other ways, but you've got to start somewhere - this is one example, cutting the defence budget is another. Nasty medicine, but essential, and something that always happens after a long period of socialist government - every single time.
  11. Well still serving then your right I don't, having family members who have done the union subs thing also state their a waste of space

    But lets not deter too much from the fact it'll be examiners working out of 'other' locations, examiners will still be needed & used...
  12. Agree and then we will get some cuts in income tax and be able to choose what we spend it on. The less the state spends on my behalf the better.
  13. As long as its not CAPITA, who run many of the council rates depts & are a useless bunch of tossers IMHO! having had some bad experiences with them in the past!!
  14. To be honest, I had never realised that this was a "state" function rather than a "private" one.

    Why TF should the government be responsible for this examination? We have plenty of engineers, lawyers, plumbers and others (need I go on?) who perform a vital role to our society, and who have passed the relevant qualification which was examined by a non governmental body.

    This is just the sort of function that we should be offloading.
  15. Don't see a problem with this.